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Brand: Jing Ji
Jing Ji now have the favourite picatinny rail set available for Keymod handguards.1 set comes with 4 rails of different length.Each unit also comes with a pack of rail holders for your Keymod handguards.Colour: Black ONLY..
Need a metal outer barrel with a 19mm diameter? Tired of having to get an adapter to fit on your preferred 19mm muzzle units?This metal outer barrel allows you to have that. This outer barrel package comes with a 19mm diameter outer barrel with a proprietary 19mm outer barrel adapter of their own. N..
MGPCQB has a flashlight holder for both M-LOK and Keymod Handguards.This holder unit is angled in an approx. angle of 45 degrees.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set holds down the holder onto your preferred M-LOK/Keymod handguard and one set holds your flashlight to the holder.This s..
Brand: Element
Want to use your favourite M-LOK handguard but don't have the proper flashlight holder for it?Element has the right flashlight holder for your M-LOK handguards.This flashlight holder is a replica of the rea steel Ari. D. Flashlight holder.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set helps to ..
Need to put new muzzles to pimp out your BF P90 gel blaster?This 14mm CCW converter allows you to place many 14mm CCW muzzles on your BF P90 gel blaster..
Brand: Expandgear
Expandgear's new metal cylinder head and piston head for your preferred AEG gel blastersThis new metal cylinder head can be used in most V2 gearbox units. (NOTE!!: This CANNOT be used in Gen 8 or Gen 9 Gearbox units) This cylinder head unit is a silent cylinder head making it quieter whenever y..
The ZL-118 inner barrel for your preferred GBB gel blasters.This inner barrel unit has a length of the 118mm. It also have brass fitter to make your gel ball sit snugly inside the inner barrel.This unit also have a hop-up built into the inner barrel unit.Colour: Black ONLY...
13CM Metal outer barrel for your needs of a smaller sized gel blaster.This outer barrel unit has a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of 14mm CCW muzzles.Colour: Black ONLY...
30cm Metal Outer barrel for your Preferred gel blasters.This outer barrel unit has a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of most 14mm CCW muzzlesColour: Black ONLY..
Brand: Sijun
Si Jun is one of the recent gel blaster makers which produce good quality products for fair pricing. Using an upgraded SJ81-2 gearbox with metal gears and a Titan A-120 motorBlaster inspired by classic M4 looks with classic quad rail handguard and CTR stock. If you're looking for something like that..
Boslipo's new 11.1V battery version called the Shock Version. Uses a Mini-Tamiya connector head.Shorter length compared to the Arena and Tactical version. This battery is meant to be used in SLR AK, RX AKS and JM Gen 12 Gel Blaster.Can be used as a buffer tube battery but NOT RECOMMENDED as the batt..
Allow your SLR AK gel blaster to mount your preferred M4/416 buttstock.Does not come with the spring for its foldable feature. Kindly be mindful of the spring when changing the buttstock block.Hole is threaded for the ease of V2 style buffer tube installation. Comes with 3 65mm screws, NO buffer tub..
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