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BigRRR 1350 mAH 11.1V (Mini-Tamiya)Having a high power out put at 1350 mAH allows your gel blaster to have a faster rate of fire. ..
BigRRR 950mAH 11.1V (Mini-Tamiya)Gives out a power rating of 950 mAH.Smaller than usual batteries..
A replica of the TLR-1 Flashlight.Small and compact, with a quick access button. Usable on 20mm picatinny rails.Uses 2 CR123A BatteriesNOTE!!: This flashlight is not under Sotac.Colour: Black ONLY...
Brand: Unicorn
SLR Mag Base Plate from Unicorn.Fits on to most GBB Magazine base. Kindly note that some magazine may be tight on this particular mag base. Some Sanding modification MAY be requiredColour: Black and Grey ONLY..
TMC Tactical 5X79 Compact Holster.Have a safety lock on the holster so that your GBB gel blaster does not wobble in the holster.Comes with an adapter for smaller trigger guard already installed inside the holster.Colour: Black, Sand and Wolf Grey ONLY..
TMC Tactical X300 Light holster for GlockUsable ONLY with GBB Glock Gel blaster models. Usable with front mounted flashlight or laser pointers.Colour: Black and Sand ONLY..
TMC Tactical Keydex holster for Glock.This holster is ONLY usable with GBB Glock gel blaster models. Can be used with RMR sights. Cannot be used with front mounted flashlight and laser pointer.Colour: Black and Sand ONLY..
Brand: LDT
LDT New 3.0 Gearbox Specifically for the LDT MP5 Gel blaster unit.Having the same features as the standard LDT 3.0 gearboxIt has a different contact terminal compared to the usual LDT 3.0 gearboxes and a longer trigger for it to fit with a LDT MP5 gel blaster lower receiver of your choice.Has a Mini..
Government ambidextrous charging handle replica from BJ Tactical.Striking the G-style design and title along the body of the charging handle. As the name suggests it also has an ambidextrous feature on the charging handle.Colour: Black ONLY..
Airborne ambidextrous charging handle replica from BJ Tactical.Made in sturdy metal construction. As said in the name, having an ambidextrous function on the charging handle.Colour: Black and Olive Drab ONLY...
Brand: Le Hui
Tired of seeing the bumps on the button of your SLR AK top cover?Change that button into a smoother button. It allows for faster usage of the SLR AK top cover.Kindly be mindful when modding your gearbox, this smooth button does not come with a spring.Colour: Black ONLY...
VP-23 Tactical Angled foregrip replica from WADSN.Small profile angled grip for your preferred M-LOK handguard. Making your gel blaster's ergonomics and handling much better.Color: Black, Red, and Sand ONLY...
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