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Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- High quality optical clarity- Multicoated optical system- 3-9x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjus..
Brand: ZWQ
Get yourself some extra magazine for your ZWQ S100s Baize Blaster. This magazine able to fit 7 darts at once and it come with a flap that work wi..
ZWQ S100s Baize Blaster ZWQ S100s Baize Blaster
New Out Of Stock
Brand: ZWQ
The brand new powerhouse manufactured by ZWQ, now had arrived in MM store.Introducing the new powerful blaster from ZWQ, the ZWQ S100s Baize. This bla..
Brand: QWK
Upgrade your foam flinging with style. Introducing the new variation of QWK EPP darts.This tracer darts is a new variation of the Black Dragon EPP dar..
G&R CNC Aluminium Edge Magazine G&R CNC Aluminium Edge Magazine
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Guns & Roses
Want to get a better durability, aesthetic and performance of QWK Edge magazine?Look no further, the CNC aluminium Edge Magazine is by Guns and Roses ..
B4 Charger B4 Charger
New -15 %
Looking for an easy plug and charge balance lipo battery charger and checker? This B4 charger able to fulfill your needs. This B4 charger al..
USD17.50 USD14.88
Brand: QWK
Metal bolt replacement for your QWK Challenger MK3 blaster.Colour: Only Silver...
Brand: QWK
Nylon bolt replacement for your QWK Challenger MK3 blaster.colour: only black ..
Monkee Mods Firefly v2.5 AR Bundle Monkee Mods Firefly v2.5 AR Bundle
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Monkee Mods
Wanna get a whole set of MM Firefly blaster together with the mag conversion kit and the magazine one shot?No worries. We got you covered. Introd..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Just a 5+1 in your MM Firefly blaster not able to give you the fun you need?No worries!!! The new injection molded MM Firefly magazine is here to solv..
Brand: Monkee Mods
The magazine conversion kit had return to our MM store but with upgrade.Like the earlier batch of conversion kit, this item able to convert your MM Fi..
Brand: QWK
After a long wait, the QWK Edge had arrived at Monkee Mods Store.This blaster had been fine tune with Monkee Mods modification. In our version of this..
Brand: Monkee Mods
You are purchasing parts as a complete blaster package to build the entire blaster. We WILL NOT build this blaster for you. With shell trimmed to..
This is shell similar to Nerf Stryfe hence it's a flywheel blaster shell. Some aftermarket parts might not work due to interior of this shell so pleas..
Brand: Worker
The long awaited Worker Terminator is here!This package includes the Worker Terminator shell with full internals package that gives you a fully functi..
Type : Single Shot BlasterFeatures :- Shoots Rival balls- Conversion kit can be installed to shoot stefan- About 100FPS with Rival ballsMaterial ..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blast..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blast..
Do not add this to your cart unless instructed so. If you paid for this without prior discussion with our customer support, we will treat it as a..
The shotgun shell for Firefly! Comes in a pack of 8. No need to worry that you don't have enough shells as you can grab more of them here!..
Need more foam flinging action for your blasters?We now have 100 unit pack of the 50cal foam balls for your MM Firefly/MM x Walcom S7 Firefly unit.NOT..
Need more fun out of your S200 Fire Rat blaster?We've got your back with the ZWQ S200 Magazines. Gain more fun our of your newly purchased S200 Fire R..
Brand: Monkee Mods
For restock timeline, refer to a long wait, the Firefly is now back with a ..
Brand: ZWQ
The long awaited ZWQ S200 has finally arrived in our store.This new sidearm dart blaster has a sleek ergonomic look that can fit your needs of a quick..
With a lot mislabelled lipo battery in the market, this is a true 1200mAH lipo battery with a discharge rate of 25C, capable to discharge 30A constant..
Able to balance charge 2S(7.4V) and 3S(11.1V) lipo battery..
Worker's design of the new slim low profile type stefan mag. It holds 15 rounds of stefan darts. The upside of this mag is you can fit twice the amoun..
Brand: QWK
UPDATE NOTES:23/5/2022: The Magazines now have a better and upgraded mag lip that prevents the darts from popping off the magazine. this new magazine ..

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Started from a humble online store, Monkee Mods have been established since 2016 to provide modding parts from foam flinging to gel blasting. We are a Nerf hobby store located in Malaysia, specializing in providing aftermarket performance, modification and replacement parts for Nerf blaster. We ship internationally to a lot of countries such as Australia, Singapore, United States and Europe etc.
We have shipped over 10,000+ parcels internationally and still growing!

We started Nerf-ing in the early days where high powered blaster are build with pipes and watching the hobby evolves with the help of 3D printing and the likes of Worker/Artifact that transformed the hobby into what it is today. Now, you can get all the ready made aftermarket parts that you can just plug and play from our store!