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BigRRR 1350 mAH 11.1V (Mini-Tamiya)Having a high power out put at 1350 mAH allows your gel blaster to have a faster rate of fire. ..
A replica of the TLR-1 Flashlight.Small and compact, with a quick access button. Usable on 20mm picatinny rails.Uses 2 CR123A BatteriesNOTE!!: Th..
BigRRR's own battery with a power rating of 1100mAH and producing 11.1VThis battery comes in with 3 different cells connected as 1 whole battery unit...
Worker Cheetah 2.0 Blaster Worker Cheetah 2.0 Blaster
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
The Cheetah 2.0 is a new springer blaster from Worker. It is a direct upgrade from the front loading blaster version, the Worker Cheetah.The package i..
Brand: LDT
A metal buffer tube from LDT. Has an enlarged HK416A5 castle nut replica to hold your buffer tube in place.Can fit onto most V2 receivers. Comes with ..
Brand: Element
Cloud Defense pressure pad holder for SF flashlight replica from Element.Usable on 20mm Picatinny rails. Helps to prevent unwanted annoyances with you..
X400U Flashlight and laser pointer replica from Element. Small profile to suit your ergonomic needs. Quick access for switch and mode selector. Usable..
Make your Worker Phoenix look more tacticool with the SMG bodykit.Comes with a Scar rifled barrel, Muzzle, Foldable foregrip, Magwell flare, and retra..
Front barrel extension for the Nerf Longshot from F10555.Make your blaster have a futuristic sci-fi look with this front barrel extensionCompatibility..
A Pump grip shell for the Nerf Longshot dart blaster.Ergonomic shotgun grip for better handling on your blaster.Has a new charging handle to accommoda..
Scar rifled muzzle for your Nerf/Worker Dart blaster.Has spiral inner grooves for more spin on your dart.Length: 8cm ONLYNo. of spiral grooves: 8 groo..
Scar rifled muzzle for your Nerf/Worker dart blasters.Gives your darts some spin Length: 12cm ONLYSpiral groove number: 8 Grooves or 12 Groo..
Brand: Monkee Mods
You are purchasing parts as a complete blaster package to build the entire blaster. We WILL NOT build this blaster for you. With shell trimmed to..
This is shell similar to Nerf Stryfe hence it's a flywheel blaster shell. Some aftermarket parts might not work due to interior of this shell so pleas..
Brand: Worker
The long awaited Worker Terminator is here!This package includes the Worker Terminator shell with full internals package that gives you a fully functi..
Type : Single Shot BlasterFeatures :- Shoots Rival balls- Conversion kit can be installed to shoot stefan- About 100FPS with Rival ballsMaterial ..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blast..
Monkee Mods Aluminium Inner Barrel for Worker & Artifact Kit (35cm) Monkee Mods Aluminium Inner Barrel for Worker & Artifact Kit (35cm)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Monkee Mods
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blast..
Do not add this to your cart unless instructed so. If you paid for this without prior discussion with our customer support, we will treat it as a..
Able to balance charge 2S(7.4V) and 3S(11.1V) lipo battery..
With a lot mislabelled lipo battery in the market, this is a true 1200mAH lipo battery with a discharge rate of 25C, capable to discharge 30A constant..
Buffer Tube 11.1V 1800mAH Lipo
Hot Out Of Stock
11.1V 1800 mAH Lipo battery designed to fit right into M4/AR15 style buffer tubes...
Features :- Popular stock design- QD mount pointType : ButtstockMaterial : Nylon and RubberCompatibility : Standard M4/HK416 buffer tub..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Aluminium BarrelOuter for gel blasters and Inner for Nerf (Barrel sleeve if using stefan dart kits as most of the barrels are slim and can enter this ..
Boslipo (Tactical Version) 11.1v  (Mini Tamiya)
Hot -15 %
11.1v 25c high discharge lipo with Mini Tamiya connector...
USD12.50 USD10.63
Turnigy Nano-Tech 1200mAh 3S 25-50C Lipo (11.1v)
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: Turnigy
When it comes to putting rounds down range, no one wants to compromise on fire power! thats why the legendary Turnigy nano-tech batteries are now avai..

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Started from a humble online store, Monkee Mods have been established since 2016 to provide modding parts from foam flinging to gel blasting. We are a Nerf hobby store located in Malaysia, specializing in providing aftermarket performance, modification and replacement parts for Nerf blaster. We ship internationally to a lot of countries such as Australia, Singapore, United States and Europe etc.
We have shipped over 10,000+ parcels internationally and still growing!

We started Nerf-ing in the early days where high powered blaster are build with pipes and watching the hobby evolves with the help of 3D printing and the likes of Worker/Artifact that transformed the hobby into what it is today. Now, you can get all the ready made aftermarket parts that you can just plug and play from our store!