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Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- Multicoated optical system- 4-16x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter Compensation- A..
Brand: Kublai
Features :- Gen 5 design- Stippled for better gripType : G19 FrameMaterial : NylonAvailable in : Black only..
Brand: Kublai
Features :- Stock G19 Gen 5 design frame- Removable arched backstrapType : G19 FrameMaterial : NylonAvailable in : Black only..
Brand: Kublai
Type : G17 SlideFeatures :- The exact same recoil spring you get from a P1 out of the boxMaterial : MetalCompatibility : P1 G17. May be..
Brand: Kublai
Type : P1S internal partsMaterial : PlasticCompatibility : Kublai P1S and Kublai P3 blowback housing designed for MOS slideComes with : ..
Brand: Kublai
Type : P3 internal partsFeatures :- Flat profile blowback housing that can be installed onto a slide with MOS- Full blowback housing assemblyComp..
Type : G17 SlideMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : Gen 5 lower frame. Not compatible with P1 gen 3 frameAvailable in : Black onlyC..
Stiffer than normal gels. Best to use for target shooting or in jungle games(if the organizer allows).Amount of gel per packet: 10kTo enjoy disc..
Heavier and tougher gels. Like super tough. Comes in 80g pack..
Brand: STD
One of the most consistent gel in the market. Only available in orange color.STD 7.4mm High Grade Gel. One pack contains 10k rounds.*Please note t..
Brand: Titan
One of the best upgrade springs for your water gel blaster. - 1.1 mm springs gives slightly higher than stock performance.- 1.2 mm springs brings the ..
Able to balance charge 2S(7.4V) and 3S(11.1V) lipo battery..
With a lot mislabelled lipo battery in the market, this is a true 1200mAH lipo battery with a discharge rate of 25C, capable to discharge 30A constant..
Brand: Fighting Bro
Thin metal shims to help shim your gearbox. Shims help to reduce the play between the gears and the bearings or bushing, to help reduce wear and tear,..
Brand: ZH
M249 super high capacity box magazine..
YBX Tracer Gels
Out Of Stock
Light up the night sky with the YBX tracer gels! Glow in the dark so you can see where the gels are flying.One pack contains approximately: 3500 glow ..
YBX branded gels that are stiffer than normal gels. Best to use for target shooting or in jungle games(if the organizer allows).Approximate amount of ..
XYL(LM) ARP-9 Stock Outer Barrel
Out Of Stock
Brand: XYL
Stock metal outer barrel and barrel nut for XYL ARP-9..
Brand: XYL
Stock nylon ARP-9 handguard. Comes with 2x side railsFeatures :- M-LOK Rails systemType : M4/AR15 type handguardRails type : M-LOK with Pica..

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Started from a humble online store, Monkee Mods have been established since 2016 to provide modding parts from foam flinging to gel blasting. We are a hobby gel blaster store located in Malaysia, specializing in providing performance, modification and replacement part for gel blaster. We ship internationally to a lot of countries such as Australia, Vietnam and United States etc.
We have shipped over 10,000+ parcels internationally and still growing!

We started gel blasting as early as it's available to the market and we seen it grow from some toys which none of you will lay hand on, to a full blown hobby that have fans, not just to Australia but over few continents as well. We love gel blaster and what we are looking to do is to provide all of the blaster enthusiast out there a place to obtain part to improve, service and repair their gel blaster. We are committed to constantly expand our product offering be it just a tapper plate for your gearbox up till handguard to style your gel blaster.

We are official distributor for Kublai, LDT, Fighting Bro, Xpower, Unicorn, Lucifer, Holy Warrior and DK.