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HK416 9" outer barrel. 2 piece design.Comes with 16mm to 14mm muzzle adapter. Does not come with a barrel adapter...
Brand: Kublai
Updated Kublai gearboxFeatures :- Nylon Gears- 8mm bearings x2 and 8mm bushings x4- Ready for Kublai EBB system- Metal Spring Stopper- Pre installed T..
Brand: Jing Ji
Jing Ji SLR Nylon Helix 6.7" handguard. M-Lok RailsCome in :- Black- Sand..
Complete outer barrel assembly for ACR.Outer barrel, gas block + gas tube, muzzle, t-hop and outer barrel all in one...
Do not add this to your cart unless instructed so. If you paid for this without prior discussion with our customer support, we will treat it as a..
Stiffer than normal gels. Best to use for target shooting or in jungle games(if the organizer allows).Amount of gel per packet: 10kTo enjoy disc..
Brand: STD
One of the most consistent gel in the market. Only available in orange color.STD 7.4mm High Grade Gel. One pack contains 10k rounds.*Please note t..
Convert your 500ML/1.5L bottle into a quick refill bottle. A must have for every WBB player!..
LDT Milky Gels
Hot -17 %
Brand: LDT
The best milky gels are here!..
USD3.00 USD2.50
Suitable for use with upgraded inner barrel (eg: 7.5mm aluminium barrel)Amount of gel per packet: 10k To enjoy discounted price, please 5 units or le..
Able to balance charge 2S(7.4V) and 3S(11.1V) lipo battery..
Brand: Titan
One of the best upgrade springs for your water gel blaster. - 1.1 mm springs gives slightly higher than stock performance.- 1.2 mm springs brings the ..
The best gel to use with stock inner barrel on most blasters out there.Amount of gel per packet: 10kTo enjoy discounted price, please 5 units or less...
Brand: ZH
M249 super high capacity box magazine..
YBX Tracer Gels
Out Of Stock
Light up the night sky with the YBX tracer gels! Glow in the dark so you can see where the gels are flying.One pack contains approximately: 3500 glow ..
Metal picatinny side rails set for XYL ARP9. Comes in a set of 3..
Out Of Stock
Mags for the XYL(Little Moon) ARP9..
Brand: XWE
Spare magazines for your WELL M4 gel blaster...

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Started from a humble online store, Monkee Mods have been established since 2016 to provide modding parts From foam flinging to gel blasting. We are a hobby store located in Malaysia, specialising in providing performance, modification and replacement part for gel blaster.
We have shipped over 10,000+ parcels internationally and still growing!

We started gel blasting as early as it's available to the market and we seen it grow from some toys which none of you will lay hand on, to a full blown hobby that have fans over few continents. We love gel blaster and what we are looking to do is to provide all of the blaster enthusiast out there a place to obtain part to improve, service and repair their gel blaster. We are committed to constantly expand our product offering be it just a tapper plate for your gearbox up till handguard to style your gel blaster.