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Ari.D. Metal Handstsop Ari.D. Metal Handstsop
New Out Of Stock
A replica of Arisaka metal handstop. Compatible with picatinny rails.Only available in black color..
SuperPlayer-V8 Mosfet SuperPlayer-V8 Mosfet
New Out Of Stock
SuperPlayer-V8 Mosfet suitable for your v2 gearboxMain features:Stablelizing switches between single and multi-fireSupport multi-shot setting (3/5/6)P..
A replica of surefire socom sytle silencer. Detailed engravement is on the silencer body.Dimension:Length: 117.8mmWidth: 34.5mmWeight: 115gCompatibili..
SF Socom Long Silencer SF Socom Long Silencer
New Out Of Stock
A replica of surefire socom sytle silencer. Detailed engravement is on the silencer body.Dimension:Length: 143.9mmWidth: 34.5mmWeight: 137gCompatibili..
Replica of SF Warden silencer. Detail engravement on the silencer body.Dimension:Length: 90.2mmWidth: 34.5mmWeight: 97gCompatibility: 14mm CCWOnly ava..
Strike Industries, Sidewinder, Metal Iron SightA foldable flip up side iron sight for your blaster. Able for quick reflex switches from one view to an..
A replica of the HK Pro Silencer. This unit has a HK 556 design etched onto the silencer unit.This unit is a dummy silencer unit. Can be used on eithe..
Skeletal Design, CNC made, HandstopA CNC metal handstop with skeletal design for your M-Lok handguard. Only in Black colour..
Do not add this to your cart unless instructed so. If you paid for this without prior discussion with our customer support, we will treat it as a..
Brand: STD
One of the most consistent gel in the market. Only available in orange color.STD 7.4mm High Grade Gel. One pack contains 10k rounds.*Please note t..
Brand: Titan
One of the best upgrade springs for your water gel blaster. - 1.1 mm springs gives slightly higher than stock performance.- 1.2 mm springs brings the ..
Boslipo (Tactical Version) 11.1v (SM)
Hot Out Of Stock
With a lot mislabelled lipo battery in the market, this is a true 1200mAH lipo battery with a discharge rate of 25C, capable to discharge 30A constant..
IMAX B3 Charger
Hot Out Of Stock
Able to balance charge 2S(7.4V) and 3S(11.1V) lipo battery..
Aluminium Inner Barrel replacement for stock acrylic inner barrel.Available Length :- 27cm- 29cm- 30cm- 33.5cm- 35cm- 40cm- 45cm- 50cm(Self pick up at..
Brand: SHS
High quality springsComes in Spring ratings: M80, M85, M90, M95, M100, M110, M130..
Brand: Titan
The Titan M-130 480 motor comes with a much more powerful neodymium magnet that delivers 30% more torque than the A-120. This motor is designed specif..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's new 6x magnification scope.Has a scope magnification range of x1.2 - x6. Diameter of the scope tube of approx. 30mm, readily usable on most ..
SI Strike Rail Metal Handguard SI Strike Rail Metal Handguard
Out Of Stock
Features :- M-LOK Rails systemType : M4/AR15 type handguardRails type : M-LOK with Picatinny Top RailCompatibility : V2 type M4/AR15 re..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Super compact 3x magnifier for EOTech holographic sights..
Brand: Holy Warrior
If you're looking for a high quality LPVO that doesn't burn a hole through your bank account, look no further.Holy Warrior's own LVPO packs some super..
Brand: Fighting Bro
Features :- High quality heat resistance wiring- Mini Tamiya battery connectorType : V2 Gearbox Wiring KitCompatibility : Fighting Bro 3.0/4.0/5.0Come..
USD10.00 USD5.00
Boslipo (Tactical Version) 11.1v (XT30)
Out Of Stock
XT30 connector high discharge 11.1v(3s) rechargable lipo battery pack.Battery dimensions:L:11 cmW: 2cmH: 2cm..

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Started from a humble online store, Monkee Mods have been established since 2016 to provide modding parts from foam flinging to gel blasting. We are a hobby gel blaster store located in Malaysia, specializing in providing performance, modification and replacement part for gel blaster. We ship internationally to a lot of countries such as Australia, Vietnam and United States etc.
We have shipped over 10,000+ parcels internationally and still growing!

We started gel blasting as early as it's available to the market and we seen it grow from some toys which none of you will lay hand on, to a full blown hobby that have fans, not just to Australia but over few continents as well. We love gel blaster and what we are looking to do is to provide all of the blaster enthusiast out there a place to obtain part to improve, service and repair their gel blaster. We are committed to constantly expand our product offering be it just a tapper plate for your gearbox up till handguard to style your gel blaster.

We are official distributor for Kublai, LDT, Fighting Bro, Xpower, Unicorn, Lucifer, Holy Warrior and DK.