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19mm Metal Outer Barrel with Adapter

19mm Metal Outer Barrel with Adapter
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  • Model: 19mm Metal Outer Barrel with Adapter
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Need a metal outer barrel with a 19mm diameter? Tired of having to get an adapter to fit on your preferred 19mm muzzle units?

This metal outer barrel allows you to have that. This outer barrel package comes with a 19mm diameter outer barrel with a proprietary 19mm outer barrel adapter of their own. No hassle of buying a 14mm to 19mm muzzle adapter for your preferred gel blaster unit.

The length of the outer barrel is at 30cm, making it suitable for those who want to fit a 11-12 inch handguard to your M4/AR15/HK416 gel blaster. This outer barrel unit also has a grub screw to ensure that the outer barrel adapter has a snug fit to your V2 receiver shells.

Colour: Black ONLY

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