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19 Aug A Basic Guide for the Holy Warrior EXPS3 sight
Tengku 0 4663
A Basic guide for the EXPS3 Holographic sightsThis Holographic sight has 2 features of a normal Red reticle and IR reticle when pressing the NV button. In short summary the night vision mode changes the retile to an IR one which is only visible by us..
25 Jun Installing a MOSFET with the Big RRR MOSFET
Tengku 0 5709
Installing a MOSFET with the Big RRR MOSFETInstallation process for BR MOSFET;Before installing you’ll these tools for installation:Basic hand toolSolder material/equipmentWire cuttersWire stripperesYou won’t need to use all of these tools to install..
23 Jun Introduction to the Kublai based GBB gel blaster (P1)
Tengku 0 6039
How to build a Kublai based P1 Gel Blaster from scratch?What is a GBB gel blaster? The acronym “GBB” stands for Gas Blowback that describes the blowback action of the gel blaster’s slide with the help of pressurized gas stored within the magazine. An..
22 Jun Gel Blaster MOSFET
Tengku 0 3931
Introduction to the MOSFETThe MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is widely used on many electronic devices as switches. For the case of the water gel blaster it is used for regulating the electrical circuit and programming the..
22 Jun What to upgrade for your water gel blaster gearbox
Tengku 0 16262
Gearbox UpgradeGearbox upgrade is one of the most common and direct performance upgrades for the gel blasters. It gives the gearbox an improved performance over their original expected performance and in many cases, increasing the gearbox efficiency ..
28 May How to shim your gearbox
Tengku 0 2738
Hi fellow modders,This blog post here is to help you shim your preferred gearbox. Do understand that shimming is based on your own personal feeling and intuition on how smooth you want your gearbox to be.The purpose of shimming your gear is to ensure..
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