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Titan A-120 480 Performance Motor

Titan A-120 480 Performance Motor
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  • Model: Titan A120 480 Performance Motor
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Titan is back with the 480 motor and the first one to hit the market is the “Titan A-120” 480 motor, it is designed and manufactured specifically for water gel blaster application where both speed and torque is tuned to the optimal performance.

The Titan 480 A-120 motor is an entry level upgrade motor for your gel blaster. The A-120 is designed for 1.2-1.3 spring load. It also comes with metal pinion pressed fitted in to ensure it won't get loosened under harsh usage and mates well with all your metal gears configurations.

It also sports the double ball bearing for quieter and less friction that will improve the efficiency of power delivery to your gearbox reliably.

The A-120 is a motor that offers a good balance of performance vs price. The motor is designed to run at 11.1V but if you prefer to drop your rate of fire, it will be able to run on 7.4V lipo batteries as well.

PS: The A-120 are able to deliver 20RPS (round per sec) on a 1.2 spring setup on 11.1V, while doing 13RPS on the 7.4V, with a standard 18:1 gearset.

TPA(Turn Per Armature): 22

Speed @ 11.1V: 30,000RPM

Stall Current: 108A

Stall Torque: 3670

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