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Monkee Mods Firefly Blaster V2.5

Monkee Mods Firefly Blaster V2.5
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  • Model: Monkee Mods Firefly Blaster V2.5
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After a long wait, the Firefly is now back with a much needed update. The new Firefly will fully manufactured by Monkee Mods and we are super excited to deliver this lovely shell ejecting shotgun to your hands. 

If you are looking for a 200FPS, shell ejecting high performance Nerf shotgun that fires half length dart, look no further. The Monkee Mods Firefly is a beast of it's class, performing close to all those high powered sniper class blaster while being a fun blaster to play around. The blaster holds 5 + 1 rounds and you can upgrade further with our extended barrel kit. One of the most satisfying part of this blaster is how you can load the shell just like a real life pump action shotgun. It's definitely one of the kind blaster, which you should get your hands on!

What makes the Monkee Mods Firefly unique is that the dedication and support we are throwing into making this not just another blaster, but a platform of it's class. For a start, we are making all individual parts available for purchase so if you accidently broke any of your internal or external, from receiver shell to plunger rod, you can get a replacement part for it. We are looking to release more colors for each part of the blaster so if you fancy any of the new part, you can just purchase that and swap it onto your Firefly. More accessories and products will be made available for the blaster and in fact on launch, we are making a few of them available right now. We will be working closely with community members to get more support and parts available for this blaster. 

Note: This is a kit so you will need to assemble the blaster yourself. Installation guide can be found below.

What's new in the new updated Firefly:

  • The main receiver will be Translucent Orange in color
  • The shotgun shell will be Bright Orange in color
  • Rest of the bits and parts will be Black in color
  • The barrel, magazine tube and plunger tube will be in Metallic Orange
  • Main spring remains at 12KG, an extra 5KG main spring will be provided 
  • Comes with 8 shells instead of 6
  • Barrel now comes with protruded section to allow the SCAR or rifling muzzle to be fitted directly
  • Magazine tube breech adapter end shaved slightly to prevent breech adapter from cracking
  • 12mm receiver screws upgraded to 10mm stainless steel screw to reduce screw stripping issues
  • 10 Worker Gen2 High End short darts are now included with the package

What's new in the White Firefly:

  • Similar to what's in the orange Firefly
  • The main receiver will be White in color
  • 3M Shock Absorber Rubber Padding
  • UHU Glue will not be provided for the new batch (update on 13/9/2022)
  • Silicone Oil

Notes from Monkee Mods (23rd November 2023) :

  • Brand new variation of MM Firefly blaster had arrived to Monkee Mods store. Introducing the new Switch colour for the MM Firefly Blaster.
  • Featuring dual colours mix in a single Firefly Blaster. Mixture of Neon Blue and Neon Red Firefly receive shell pair up with neon colours barrel set as well (Neon Blue barrel and Neon Red mag tube)

We are releasing a limited edition of our classical transparent firefly with a reboot. This reboot of classical color theme of firefly bring you back to the older generation color theme, Transparent receiver shell with the classical orange internals with the new changes of V2.5 offering which are the shock pads, threaded barrels and threaded breech adapter.

This reboot is a limited time release only. Stock are limited. 

Notes from Monkee Mods (22nd September 2022) :

  • The main receiver now come in YELLOW or BLUE GREY color
  • The threaded barrel set will be in BLACK color and a orange tip will be given. 

*All accessories (MM 3D printed buttstock, MM tactical pump grip, DD tactical kits & Worker slanted grip) are for illustration purpose only.   

Notes from Monkee Mods (13th July 2022) :

All Firefly units are now called the Monkee Mods Firefly  V2.5. These units will now have the upgraded Threaded Breech Adapter with the Standard Threaded Barrel and Threaded Magazine tube instead of the old Breech Adaptor and Barrel Set to improve air seal and remove the shell extraction problem completely. The main receiver screws have changed from a short Philips head screw to a longer hex head screws.

Notes from Monkee Mods (31st March 2022) :

All Firefly sold from this point will include UHU glue, silicone oil and 3M Shock Absorber Rubber Padding.

Notes from Monkee Mods (29th November 2021) :

The earlier batch of Firefly have some brittle nylon parts issue as per announced on our Facebook page. Blaster sold after this will have nylon parts properly treated hence you will no longer need to boil them.

Notes from Monkee Mods (8th October 2021) :

We are happy that we can now control the production of Firefly(which is an issue in the past) and we are dedicated to produce enough blasters to fulfill your demand. We took some of your feedback on the Firefly and made adjustment to it. The magazine tube have been shaved off slightly to reduce breech adapter cracking which is a very common Firefly issue. Another complaint is that the screw strip easily hence we switched over to a shorter and stronger material screw. We know the Firefly is capable of doing over 200FPS, hence adding a SCAR attachment point is essential to ensure accuracy of the blaster. We find the Worker Gen 2 High End half length dart work best with the blaster, delivery about 210-220FPS hence we included some for you guys to try it out. The original Firefly came with a 12KG spring, but this time we are throwing in an extra 6KG spring so you can use the blaster for lower FPS game. You can in fact use any Longshot spring for this blaster as they are both cross compatible. Overall, we hope you will be happy to see all these improvements we made to the blaster.

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UPDATE!! (16/12/2021)

Here's the updated guide on how to build your MM Firefly Blaster! Do watch the whole video to get the best experience out of this blaster!

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