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MM Firefly Plunger Rod Shock Padding

MM Firefly Plunger Rod Shock Padding
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  • Model: MM Firefly Plunger Rod Shock Padding
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Scared that your plunger rod of your preferred firefly might break?

We have the shock absorber padding for your plunger rod unit.

We have heard many cases and complaints of broken plunger rods and we have come up with a good solution for this particular problem. This has been dry-fire tested with our tester Monkee Mods Firefly unit for more than 100 times and we still have a working plunger rod in the tester unit.

Not only does this help to reduce the impact between the plunger rod and breech unit, but it also reduces the sound of impact between the breech and plunger rod. This shock absorber padding does come with a glue sticker on one side for easy placement onto the plunger rod.

Colour: Red ONLY

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