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10 Jun 3D Printing
Wei 0 554
Recently we been busy designing and producing our 3D printing parts in house, continue to support all the existing blasters in the market ranging from Worker blasters to our very own Firefly and even new releases such as the Zius BK1S/2S blaster. It ..
03 Jun Darts & Safety
Wei 0 1495
The year is 2024, the foam flinging hobby seems to be progressing exceptionally fast lately with a lot of new blasters being released, new technology being introduced, applied and new darts as well. While this is all good for the hobby, we think it i..
20 May Zius BK1S & BK2S
Wei 0 1344
After a poor launch of BK1, Zius is looking to redeem themselves by releasing the BK1S(BK1 Super). Did they finally got it right or it's just another blaster that you should avoid?First of all, there are 2 variants of the blaster being released, BK1S..
19 Apr XYL Unicorn MEGA Drop!
Wei 0 1779
The XYL Unicorn, arguably one of the best beginner entry level blasters for this foam flinging hobby. It is of great value, durable and works right out of the box and gives blaster like Worker Seagull a run for its money. But wait, how can you compar..
16 Apr Monkee Mods BCAR: Design and Theories
Wei 0 706
There are so many BCARs in the market right now but it seems hard to find one that work for your blaster. Some are FPS rated, some are just degree, but you just don’t know which one is better for your blaster unless you buy all of them to try. Well, ..
06 Oct Worker Lightweight and Heavyweight Tip Dart Performance & Characteristics.
Tony 0 522
Welcome back, modders.Today, we'll be discussing regarding the performance and characteristics of Worker's new lightweight tip and Heavyweight tip darts. These breakdown of dart performance and characteristics can help your blasters choice to achieve..
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