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20 Jan Blaster Update and Timeline
Wei 0 4316
This is to update any of our upcoming restock on blaster and their expected timelineLast Updated: 20 January 2021 1PM (GMT +8)ZWQ S200 Fire RatAvailable Date: End Feb 2022Timeline:- End Feb 2022 (Large Batch)QWK Challenger MK3Available Date: Early Ma..
21 Dec Introducing the ZWQ S200 Fire Rat
Wei 0 1481
ZWQ is back again with yet another blaster, the S200, AKA the Fire Rat. The S200 is an injection molded magazine fed pistol springer, which takes short dart ONLY as it's ammo. The S200 comes in 4 different colors: Pink/Black, Sand/Black, White/Black ..
25 Oct Monkee Mods Firefly Information
Wei 0 2040
Thanks for your purchase of the Monkee Mods Firefly Blaster. Here is where you can get all the up to date information about the blaster!What's new(Updated 25th Oct 2021)The main receiver will be Translucent Orange in color, rest of the bits and parts..
19 Oct Blaster in-dept Review: QWK Challenger MK3 PRO
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We have finally received the mass production unit of the QWK (青武酷) Challenger Mk3 that we have paid for and ordered months ago! This is not a sponsored unit, QWK did not sent us any unit for free for us to do this review. We bought the Challenger MK3..
11 Oct About QWK Challenger MK3's Proprietary Magazine
Carl 0 639
The word proprietary always seems to be commonly associated negatively, let's talk about it for the case of the Challenger Mk3Proprietary Magazine of the QWK Challenger MK3Let’s talk about one of the more controversial aspects of the Challenger MK3, ..
08 Oct When will the Firefly be in stock?
Wei 0 324
When will the Firefly be in stock? We have been receiving enquiries about the Firefly on a daily basis but sadly due to manufacturing issues, we just couldn't sell any more of them. We have some parts missing while some parts taking more space than n..
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