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30 Aug How to fix the DZP Mk2 trashy trigger
Carl 0 71
The DZP Mk2 is an amazing performance blaster for its size. I mean, a sidearm class blaster of this size can do 140FPS+, it is unimaginable and DZP definitely did a very good job with the MK2. But..It is by no means a perfect blaster, in fact in my o..
23 Aug Pre-sale Product
Wei 0 113
Hello peeps, we have receive numerous feedbacks on option on how to pre-order certain products as some of them get sold out pretty quick. Some of the reasons we don't take pre-order are because we feel it's unnecessary commitment that we are committi..
19 Aug A Basic Guide for the Holy Warrior EXPS3 sight
Tengku 0 178
A Basic guide for the EXPS3 Holographic sightsThis Holographic sight has 2 features of a normal Red reticle and IR reticle when pressing the NV button. In short summary the night vision mode changes the retile to an IR one which is only visible by us..
06 Aug ZhenWeiQi(ZWQ) S100 Blaster Review
Wei 0 1839
Recently we saw a surge of new Nerf blasters coming from China ranging from Uzi or Gecko clones to bona fide quality blaster offered at an unbelievably good price like the Worker Swift, mainly thanks to the nationwide gel blaster ban in China. We can..
05 Aug QWK Challenger MK3 Nerf AEG
Wei 0 6122
Welcome to the future of electronic foam flinging! What you are looking here at is the next generation of Nerf blaster, introducing the QWK Challenger MK3 Y.E.S blaster. The Y.E.S is an acronym and it stands for Young Electronic System.For a long per..
19 May Nerf Website and System Upgrade
Wei 0 235
Hey guys, today we made a much needed overhaul to our Nerf webstore which resulted in some changes that affected most of our Nerf customers. We tried our best to minimise data losses during the upgrade but unfortunately, not everything can be migrate..
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