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28 Sep What we know so far about Colonel Wasp's 77 AEB Dart Blaster
Wei 0 121
When it comes to AEB (Automatic Electric Blaster) in Nerf dart hobby, one of the blaster that pop up in mind will be the Colonel Wasp's 76 blaster. It's not one of the most well looking but definitely one of the most reliable AEB out there, thanks to..
15 Sep Newbie Guide to Nerf Hobby!
Tony 0 126
Hello new face, This blog post is mainly for the new players who wish to know about the foam flinging hobby and wish to start it. If you have friends who want to have their start in the foam flinging hobby but have no idea what blaster to go for or s..
07 Jul Sillybutts Handguard Installation on Colonel Wasp 76
Tony 0 1316
Hi there modders.Today we'll be doing a very simple modding for the most favourite AEB foam slinger, THE COLONEL WASP X MONKEE MODS 76.We'll be placing in the Community built Sillybutts handguard instead of the standard front barrel shroud.The things..
22 Jun Shanye Knockout kit building guide
Tony 0 1979
Hey there modders, Techie here. Today I'll be giving a guide on how to build the new Shanye body kit for the Rival Knockout. Do note that this build is a 1-way modification to your Rival Knockout blaster, any modifications done will be final. So if y..
08 Jun How to install the Shanye x MM Pump Conversion Kit
Tony 0 2717
Hi there fellow modders,You guys have been asking us many times to do a guide of the Shanye Cheetah Pump Grip Conversion kit for a while now, and finally we have managed to get the time in between to do the blog guide of the conversion kit. However, ..
14 Apr S200 Carbine Kit Installation
0 4253
Hey Modders,Here's the guide to install the S200 Carbine kit to your preferred ZWQ S200 unit. Just note that the carbine kit will give the ZWQ S200 Fire Rat blaster a significant weight increase.When you have purchased your selected carbine kit, it s..
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