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This skeletonized Rail can be fitted on both left/right and bottom side of the Challenger Mk3 for picatinny rail attachments/accessories.Length : 8cmWidth : 2cm (Standard picatinny rail 20mm)..
Length : 10cmWidth : 2cm (Standard 20mm Picatinny rail)This lightweight skeletonized rail comes with a built-in QD mount that is perfect for people that want to run a 2 points sling system with the MK3 without adding too much bulk to the profile of the Challenger MK3.Tips: For adding a sling mount o..
Brand: QWK
FIRST, VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, THIS EPP DART IS STRICTLY FOR SPRINGER BLASTER ONLY. IF THIS EPP DARTS ARE USED ON ANY FLYWHEEL BLASTER, IT WILL DAMAGE THE FLYWHEEL BLASTER.Alright, now, meet the next-generation of foam flinging darts. Developed, designed and manufactured by QWK, this is the..
Update your spring loaded Active Dart corrector now with these magnets!The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart Corrector is to utilize the Magnetic Repulsion to apply a downward pressure with the corrector plate to keep the darts orientation right before they are fed into the barrel by the breech/pu..
The latest updated PyreCannon Active Dart Corrector for the QWK Challenger Mk3. This is a 3D Printed Nylon product.Unlike the first few batches of the Active Dart Corrector, it is now magnetic based instead of spring loaded to correct the dart orientation.The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart..
This is definitely one of the most longest awaited Foregrip and it is now finally available in our store !This foregrip is designed originally by QWK to go with the QWK Challenger Mk3 Blaster. It fits the blaster futuristic design language and ergonomic perfectly well.Strongly recommended! Please be..
This is a QWK original in house designed 3D printed Railgun Muzzle piece for your QWK MK3 Challenger.Unlike the original muzzle that cover up the whole front end of the barrel/SCAR/BCAR, this Railgun Muzzle piece will expose the left/right.Got a nice Bearing Scar? Show it off!Got a 3D printer? You c..
Brand: Holy Warrior
If you're looking for a high quality LPVO that doesn't burn a hole through your bank account, look no further.Top quality of the well known Sig Sauer Tango 6T Scope replica from Holy Warrior. This scope is called the HW TGO HD.Featuring -Horseshoes illuminated Reticle-Variable 6x Super-Zoo..
Brand: Holy Warrior
The new Ronin red dot sight replica from Holy Warrior has arrived in our shop.This new sight has much better clarity with better optic lens.These comes in 2 different optic height options, which are High mount and Low mount. The high mount unit allows the usage of your preferred iron sights of your ..
Brand: T-Eagle
The T-Eagle Short scope mount has arrived in our shop!This specific scope mount unit is designed to go with the short-sized scopes such as the T-Eagle SR 2.5x28 RG or the T-Eagle MARCH SR3x28 scope.This scope mount can ONLY hold scopes with 30mm diameter tubes.NOTE!: Scope is sold
Brand: Holy Warrior
Holy Warrior now has their own replica of the Ronin Red dot sight.This unit has a lens size of 35mm in diameter. This unit just like the 20mm counterpart, it uses a CR2032 button cell battery, and also have the same locations of the reticle brightness adjustor and the windage adjustors.The only key ..
The Mesh Cap with the Punisher logo has arrived in our store.Just as the 5.11 mesh cap. The Velcro patch of your choice can be placed on top of the Velcro acceptor patch.Colour: Black, Sand, Olive Drab, Grey, Multicam, Multicam Desert, Multicam Black, Python Black and Olive Drab Camo ONLY..
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