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Other Gearbox Parts

Additional gearbox parts for performance customization to your gearbox.

Broken your blowback unit in your GSL SR-16 gearbox?No worries, the replacement unit is here.NOTE!!: This blowback kit is meant ONLY for the GSL SR-16 Gearbox. NO other gearbox unit can be used with it.Dummy Bolt Colour: Black ONLY..
Element Nylon Delayer Chip
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Brand: Element
Element's Delayer chip for your gears.Gives a slight delay to your gear cycle causing the firing rate of your blaster sound slower.Material: Nylon ONLYColor: Black ONLYNOTE!!: This item only has ONE delayer chip...
Replacement EBB dummy bolt for the K5 Gearbox..
Type : V2 Gearbox PartsMaterial : CopperCompatibility : V2 type gearboxComes with : Delayer chip only..
Brand: LDT
Type : Blowback KitFeatures :- Realistic blowback action- Bolt catch and release featureMaterial : Aluminum and steelCompatibility : LDT LDX only. Does not work for other gearboxesComes with : Blowback compatible charging handle, bolt catch, dummy bolt and blowback mechanism..
Type : V2 gearbox partsMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : V2 gearbox onlyComes with : - Fire selector plate- Safety lever- Cutoff lever- Anti reversal latch- Delayer chip..
Silverknight x Titan Split Metal Gearbox Silverknight x Titan Split Metal Gearbox
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Brand: Titan
We know some people may have budget constraint preventing them from getting the popular split gearbox in the market.That's where this Silverknight x Titan gearbox comes in. Now you can transplant your existing LDT 3.0 gearbox into this gearbox shell and have a top and bottom splitting metal gearbox ..
Brand: LDT
A couple of handy tools to help you during reassembly of V2 type gearboxes. No more flying anti reversal latch and flying trigger!..
Brand: LDT
Nylon gearbox shell only.- Uses 8mm bearing (not included)- Comes with all screw and nuts..
Brand: Element
Style your gel blaster unit's lower body with a colored locking pin from Element.Color: Black, silver and gold ONLY..
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