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Other Gearbox Parts

Additional gearbox parts for performance customization to your gearbox.

Brand: Le Hui
Need a new gearbox shell for one of Le Hui's best gel blaster unit?They have come with a new nylon gearbox shell for better durability with the SLRAK gearbox unit. This allow your SLR AK gel blaster to play more games.NOTE!!: This listing ONLY provides the Gearbox shell and the gearbox shell sc..
LH MCX Nylon Gearbox Shell LH MCX Nylon Gearbox Shell
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Brand: Le Hui
Need a new gearbox shell for your LH MCX gel blaster unit? Having the feeling that your gearbox shell may break soon?We have the solution for you. The LH MCX gearbox shell is made entirely out of nylon, giving greater durability over the standard acrylic gearbox shell it comes in.This unit ONLY cont..
Broken your blowback unit in your GSL SR-16 gearbox?No worries, the replacement unit is here.NOTE!!: This blowback kit is meant ONLY for the GSL SR-16 Gearbox. NO other gearbox unit can be used with it.Dummy Bolt Colour: Black ONLY..
Brand: Element
Element's Delayer chip for your gears.Gives a slight delay to your gear cycle causing the firing rate of your blaster sound slower.Material: Nylon ONLYColor: Black ONLYNOTE!!: This item only has ONE delayer chip...
K5 Dummy Bolt
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Replacement EBB dummy bolt for the K5 Gearbox..
Type : V2 Gearbox PartsMaterial : CopperCompatibility : V2 type gearboxComes with : Delayer chip only..
LDT LDX Blowback Kit
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Brand: LDT
Type : Blowback KitFeatures :- Realistic blowback action- Bolt catch and release featureMaterial : Aluminum and steelCompatibility : LDT LDX only. Does not work for other gearboxesComes with : Blowback compatible charging handle, bolt catch, dummy bolt and blowback mechanism..
Type : V2 gearbox partsMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : V2 gearbox onlyComes with : - Fire selector plate- Safety lever- Cutoff lever- Anti reversal latch- Delayer chip..
Silverknight x Titan Split Metal Gearbox
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Brand: Titan
We know some people may have budget constraint preventing them from getting the popular split gearbox in the market.That's where this Silverknight x Titan gearbox comes in. Now you can transplant your existing LDT 3.0 gearbox into this gearbox shell and have a top and bottom splitting metal gearbox ..
Brand: LDT
A couple of handy tools to help you during reassembly of V2 type gearboxes. No more flying anti reversal latch and flying trigger!..
Fighting Bro 5.0 Semi-Transparent Gearbox Shell
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Brand: Fighting Bro
New and improved Fighting Bro gearbox shell.Comes with :- Top and Bottom split gearbox shell- Tappet Plate- T-Hop- Trigger- Cutoff Lever- Fire Selector Plate- Spring Stopper- Screws- Full set gearbox springsUses 8mm bearings and are compatible with FB 3.0/4.0 cylinder head..
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