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Non-Zoom Scope & Optics

Sights, optics, and scope replicas without zoom magnification. Well suited for fast-paced and enclosed CQB/SQB games.
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle now has their own RMR unit for your GBB gel blaster units.This unit has the ADE Raptor design and logo etched all over the body of the RMR.This unit uses one CR2032 button battery to light up the unit. The RMR unit have the reticle intensity adjustor on either side of the unit.Colour: B..
The Shield CQS red dot sight replica from Sotac.This red dot sight unit is small and ergonomic to make the user feel more comfortable when using it.This unit also comes with a mount riser plates with longer set of screws to allow the red dot sight to be secured with the mount riser. The mount can be..
HW TA11 Civilian ACOG set HW TA11 Civilian ACOG set
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Brand: Holy Warrior
HW TA11 Civilian ACOG setThis Holy Warrior ACOG set signifies their commitment to providing the users with a good quality replica of the scopes.This ACOG set has a RMR unit with the RMR Mount pre-assembled with the ACOG scope unit. NOTE!!: The RMR unit in this set is always on and don't ha..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Holy Warrior's own Reflex Red Dot Sight. This red dot sight have the Holy Warrior design etched all around the sight.Having a strong metal build around the scope, making it more durable and able to withstand some heavy knocks on the sight unit itself.This red dot sight unit has a dial that can chang..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Holy Warrior now comes with a Metal RMR for your preferred blaster.This unit is built in stronger metal build to withstand much stronger hits compared to the Nylon counterpart. The button location is also the same as its nylon counterpart, located at the sides of the RMR sight. This RMR unit ha..
The DOCTER RMR red dot sight from Sotac.Has the DOCTER design etched on the top arch of the sight. This unit can be used on 20mm Picatinny rails.This unit comes with a Glock RMR Mount for your preferred Glock slides with MOS mounting. It also has the required tools to help adjust your windage and ch..
A MRS red dot sight replica from Sotac.The sight comes with a mount for your preferred Glock slides with MOS points.The sight has the reticle brightness adjustments at the left side of the sight. This unit uses a CR1632 battery (battery included in the unit pack)This unit pack comes with tools to he..
Sotac M - 021 T2-B Red dot sight Sotac M - 021 T2-B Red dot sight
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An AP T2 red dot sight replica from Sotac. Comes with a G design mount riser.The sight unit has a reticle brightness dial situated on the right side of the sight.The unit uses a CR2032 flat button battery (battery included in the unit pack.)This unit has one fully covered flap and one clear opening ..
Sotac's new SRO red dot sight in sturdy nylon construction for lighter weight on your gel blasters.Usable on 20mm picatinny rail units.Comes with a Mount for your preferred Glock slides with MOS points. You're able to adjust with the reticle brightness with the buttons on either side of the sightThi..
Sotac's new version of the SRO red dot sight for your gel blasters' aesthetic needs. Built with strong metal build, making the sight unit to sustain some significant hits.Comes with a RMR mount for your preferred Glock slide with MOS points. The unit uses a CR2032 battery (battery is included with t..
A flip-up red dot sight replica from Sotac. suitable for those who want to have a low profile sight for their Gel blaster unit.Also usable on GBB gel blasters with the proper mounts.NOTE!!: There are locking mechanisms (2 small screws) for the sight's windage. Unlock them first before adjusting..
The ACRO P-1 red dot sight replica from Glenpou. Comes with a raised mount to allow usage of your blaster's iron sight.Comes with a G mount as well for the usage on your preferred G. GBB gel blaster.Color: Black ONLY..
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