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Inner Barrel

The inner barrel for your GBB blaster. Inner barrels with integrated Hop-Up can help your gel to travel further in the air.

Need to have a Shorter inner barrel for your MST 2011 GBB Gel blaster?We have the new inner barrel at 112mm in length.This inner barrel unit has the MST 2011 design etched on it along with the length of the barrel...
P1 Aluminium Inner Barrel P1 Aluminium Inner Barrel
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The P1 Aluminium inner barrel.P1 standard inner barrel length of 100mm.Comes with a brass hollow cap that holds the gel ball snugly inside your inner barrel...
Inner Barrel with Hop Up for gbb gel blasters.Length: 99mm..
Inner barrel with hop-up already included.NOTE!!: Pictures in this listing are used for illustration purposesCompatibility: Any GBB gel pistols.Length : 10 cm..
Brand: Unicorn
Features :- Threaded front end- Agency DesignType : G17 Outer BarrelMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : Kublai P1/G17Comes with : Outer Barrel and inner barrelAvailable in : Grey & Gold only..
Type : Well M1 PartsMaterial : Aluminum Compatibility : Well M1 only. Other 1911/2011 will not work..
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