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Wiring Kit & Switches

Mechanical switch is a wear and tear part. The contact switch usually will get oxidized and/or burn out after long usages and your blaster and will need replacement.

Enhanced wiring kit such as the heat resistance wiring will help reducing the heat of the circuits to the minimal and helps protect the electrical components such as the motor and the battery.

Complete V2 gearbox wiring with switch and XT-30 connector..
Brand: SHS
Replacement trigger switch by SHS for your preferred gearboxes..
Replacement Magazine contact springs for your gearboxComes in a pair..
Brand: Fighting Bro
Features :- High quality heat resistance wiring- Mini Tamiya battery connectorType : V2 Gearbox Wiring KitCompatibility : Fighting Bro 3.0/4.0/5.0Comes with : Wiring, mag terminals, motor connector, gearbox switch..
USD10.00 USD5.00
Brand: Element
Upgrade switch and wiring set for V2 gearboxes. Low resistance wiring...
Having only Tamiya connectors on your gel blaster's gearbox? Unwilling to break your wallet for a new battery with the Tamiya connector head?This converter can help you with this conundrum. This converter is a short wire with the SM connector receiver head on one end and the Tamiya connection head o..
Full wiring set for JM Gen.8 Gearbox. With switch, mag polarity connectors and motor connectors...
Replacement wire set to upgrade your flywheel NERF blasters...
Complete set of stock wiring to replace any worn out wit wiring on your Gen 8 gearbox. Recommended to be used with the JM Gen 8 Gearbox Nylon Gearbox by SKD sold separately on this website...
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