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Muzzles for your blaster with a 14mm CCW thread. Some muzzles have a thread to fit in silencer/suppressor

Brand: LDT
LDT's new muzzle for the MP5 gel blaster unit.This Flash Muzzle is a quick detach muzzle unit used on mainly on MP5 units. This muzzle has the a QD hook on the main muzzle unit.Recommended to use this QD flash muzzle with the metal MP5 muzzle.NOTE!!: This QD Flash Muzzle unit is meant for the L..
Need a new silencer look for your AEG gel blasters?This new Hex-style Silencer should meet your requirements.This new silencer unit has a hex design etched all over the unit. It comes with its own proprietary 14mm CCW muzzle unit that makes the perfect fit to your gel blaster unit. This silencer uni..
The exact metal replica of the SI Oppressor Muzzle. Made out of CNC Aluminium material.This muzzle unit comes in 2 pieces, the small 14mm CCW muzzle unit and the extra large muzzle locking piece.There is the SI design etched on the muzzle unit. There is a locking mechanism with the SI Oppressor Fat ..
BD Thumper Steel Muzzle BD Thumper Steel Muzzle
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The BD thumper steel Muzzle  replica for your gel blastersThis muzzle has a 14mm CCW thread that is usable on most 14mm CCW barrel units.Muzzle design of a 4 prong castle design.Colour: Burnt Titanium ONLY..
Want to have a muzzle but don't want to burn a hole in your wallet?This nylon muzzle unit is your choice. Lightweight that allows you to give fast reactions.The design of the muzzle has 4 prong that make it nearly similar to that of the Spirit Muzzle. The best budget muzzle for your preferred AEG Ge..
Need a Metal muzzle but you don't want to have a small muzzle unit?This castle design muzzle can suit your needs. The muzzle length is at 60mm long.This muzzle unit also has a 14mm CCW threading. It is usable on most 14mm CCW thread barrels.This unit comes with their own 14mm Muzzle spacer.Colour: B..
A tracer muzzle shell etched with the TTI design on the shell body.Has a 14mm CCW thread. Usable on most 14mm CCW thread gel blaster units.NOTE!!: This unit is just a shell. There is no tracer wiring and sensors inside the tracer muzzle. CANNOT exchange the base with the Spitfire Tracer Muzzle ..
12mm to 14mm adapter 12mm to 14mm adapter
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Want to have a different muzzle for your GBB gel blaster?This adapter allows you to mount most of the 14mm muzzles of your choice.NOTE!!: Your GBB outer barrel gel blaster MUST have a 12mm female threading to fit in this adapter.Colour: Black ONLY..
An AK74S metal muzzle replica.Built in heavier and sturdier steel construction for better durability.Has an adapter to fit onto 14mm CCW thread and 16mm CCW thread.Colour: Black ONLY...
Brand: LDT
A KAC bird cage muzzle replica from LDT. Made with heavy & sturdy steel construction for better durability14mm CCW thread to fit onto your outer barrel.CAN be used with the LDT HK416A5 556 Short Silencer ONLY.Colour: Black ONLY..
SF Warden 6 inch Blast Diffuser with Warcomp Muzzle
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High quality replica of the SF Warden and SF Warcomp LLC muzzle.Engraved details on diffuser body and muzzleType : Blast Diffuser(Dummy)Material : Aluminum(Diffuser), Steel(Muzzle)Compatibility : 14mm ccw threads. Diffuser attached to proprietary muzzleDiffuser length: 6 InchWeight :&..
A replica of the Surefire SF-2 Warcomp muzzle A 4-Prong muzzle with a 14mm CCW thread is built with strong steel construction.Color: Black and Gun Metal Grey ONLY..
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