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Piston Head

The main component that and force the air out from the cylinder. Also one of the most common gearbox upgrades alongside with Piston rods, a good piston head will also eliminate the vacuum effect and prevent the gel from sucking into the cylinder.

Brand: LDT
LDT's own metal piston head, cylinder head and nozzle set.All cylinder heads are silent cylinder head able to suit your needs of a softer sound blaster,NOTE!!: Kindly note that some colour sets may not have the full colour set. They come in blue, purple and red ONLY. Colour sets will be given a..
Titan Nylon Anti Vacuum Piston Head
Out Of Stock
Brand: Titan
Anti vacuum nylon piston headAllows air to enter and recirculate inside the gearbox cylinderColor: Black ONLY..
Brand: Expandgear
An aluminium piston rod head from Expandgear.Color: Orange ONLY..
Brand: Titan
A metal piston head from Titan.Slightly smaller head to allow air flow inside the gearbox cylinder...
Brand: Titan
CNC POM material piston head for most piston rod(from JM gen.8 onwards)Increased durability but remain lightweight to retain FPS with lower spring load...
Fighting Bro CNC 6 Holes Silence Piston Head Fighting Bro CNC 6 Holes Silence Piston Head
Out Of Stock
Upgrade plunger head for the JM gen 8 gearbox. Improve the seal, performance and quietness of your blaster. Should be used in conjunction with FB CNC Nylon Plunger Rod with Metal Teeth...
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