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Piston Head

The main component that and force the air out from the cylinder. Also one of the most common gearbox upgrades alongside with Piston rods, a good piston head will also eliminate the vacuum effect and prevent the gel from sucking into the cylinder.

Brand: Kublai
Need a replacement piston for your Kublai gearbox with blowback?This unit can help with your need. This unit as stated in the name comes with a pre-built piston head along with the piston rod.NOTE!!: This piston rod unit does NOT come with an o-ring around the piston head.Gearbox Compatibility:..
Want to make your gearbox run without making a loud sound?Kublai has come up with their new silent piston head.This piston head unit comes with a built-in rubber padding. When used with a silent cylinder head, the gearbox sound can be reduced further.This unit comes with its own spacer, bearings and..
Expandgear Metal Cylinder Head and Stinger Piston Head set Expandgear Metal Cylinder Head and Stinger Piston Head set
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Brand: Expandgear
Expandgear's new metal cylinder head and piston head for your preferred AEG gel blastersThis new metal cylinder head can be used in most V2 gearbox units. (NOTE!!: This CANNOT be used in Gen 8 or Gen 9 Gearbox units) This cylinder head unit is a silent cylinder head making it quieter whenever y..
Brand: Titan
Anti vacuum nylon piston headAllows air to enter and recirculate inside the gearbox cylinderColor: Black ONLY..
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