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Helps to direct the gel ball pellet and air into the inner barrel.

Brand: Element
The good old Element Z-Omega chamber is back for your preferred G-series GBB gel blasters.This set have an inner barrel with hop-up and a rubber bucking.The chamber unit has the Z-Omega logo etched onto it...
P1 CNC Aluminium Chamber
Out Of Stock
Aluminium chamber for the Kublai P1 GBB BlasterComes with screws to hold the chamber togetherCompatibility: Kublai P1 GBB Blaster ONLYNOTE!!: Usage on other Glock GBB Blasters may NOT fit at all or MAY require some sanding modification.Color: Black ONLY...
Rubber bucking and Gas route replacement for the Well M1 GBB blasterCompatibility: Well M1 GBB Blaster ONLY...
Rubber bucking and gas route replacement for the Kublai P4.Compatibility: Kublai P4 ONLY...
Bucking, Piston, Gas Route Replacement for MST 2011 gel blaster..
Type : GBB internal partCompatibility : GBB chamber and inner barrelComes with : Bucking only..
Type : 1911 ChamberMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : Kublai P4Weight : 10g..
Brand: Titan
CNC aluminum chamber for your Well M1 or Kublai P4/other 1911 models GBB gel blasters...
Element Z-Omega Chamber with Rifled Inner Barrel Element Z-Omega Chamber with Rifled Inner Barrel
Out Of Stock
Brand: Element
CNC aluminum chamber with rifled inner barrel, oil resistant rubber bucking and oil resistant rubber gas route..
Oil Resilient Silicone Parts Set
Out Of Stock
Oil resistant silicon parts for G17/P1 and P1SBucking, gas route, piston head..
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