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Maglip Fitting

The upgrade part for the magazines to hold your gel ball pellets better. It also prevents the gel ball pellets from bursting inside your GBB Blaster causing operational failures.

G17 Mag Lip Upgrade Fitting
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Upgraded Mag lip fitting for your G17 GBB Magazines.Upgraded Mag Lip fittings for your gel ball to sit nicelyCompatibility: Kublai P1 and Unicorn G17 Magazines ONLY. Fittings on other type of mags may NOT fit at all...
Type : M1 1911 Magazine PartMaterial : NylonCompatibility : M1 1911 Magazine onlyComes with : Mag lip replacement only..
Type : MST 2011 Magazine PartMaterial : NylonCompatibility : MST 2011 Magazine onlyComes with : Mag lip replacement only..
Unicorn Mag Lip Replacement
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