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Magazine Base

An accessory that not only stylish but also helps protecting the magazine from fall impacts, you are however strongly discouraged from allowing the mag to free fall on a hard surface.

Brand: Unicorn
SLR Mag Base Plate from Unicorn.Fits on to most GBB Magazine base. Kindly note that some magazine may be tight on this particular mag base. Some Sanding modification MAY be requiredColour: Black and Grey ONLY..
Brand: Titan
KI Magazine Extensions for your G17 MagazinesHolds more gas inside your magazine.An O-ring is included in the packColor: Grey ONLYCompatibility: G17 Magazines ONLY...
A magazine converter for Kublai P1 magazine to fit into your Kublai P3 GBB Gel Blaster unit.NO more gaps between your Kublai P1 magazine and Kublai P3 Gel blasterCompatibility: Kublai P1 Magazines ONLY. Any other model of G17 GBB blaster Magazines MAY need some sanding for proper fitting.Color: Blac..
A Strike Industries style magazine base for Kublai P3 GBB gel blaster typeMaterial : Metal    Compatibility : For Kublai P3 magazine GBB gel blaster ONLYColor : Silver, Black ONLY..
A metal magazine base for GBB Glock blaster magazineColor: Black, Blue, Red & Silver..
Type : P3 MagazineFeatures :- Loki Tactical mag extension designMaterial : Aluminium, steel, rubber, brassCompatibility : P3/G19Available in : - Black- Silver..
Brand: Kublai
Type : G17 MagbaseMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : G17 MagazineComes with : Magbase onlyAvailable in : Black and Grey..
Aluminum TTI design mag base for MST 2011 magsColor: Black & Silver ONLY..
G17 Mag extension kit with Taran Tactical mag base design.Epoxy required for installation..
Taran Tactical mag extension kit with Taran Tactical Magwell flare setEpoxy required..
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