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Bearings and Shim Sets

Make your Gearbox run at its smoothest with new bearings hold your gears in where they should properly and shims set with different thickness for the best gear contact and meshing.

Need to have a bushing/bearing that can last longer? Tired of having your bushing getting spoiled too quick?Ares has their own stainless steel version of the bushings. As their brand name suggests, these bushings are built to last giving your gears the smoothest movements, allowing your gearbox to h..
BigRRR comes with their own gearbox shim set.This set has shim thickness of 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mmThis shim set package has a total of 30 shims, where each shim thickness has 10 unit.This shim set gives you the chance to be more precise with the contacts among your gear units..
Brand: Fighting Bro
Bearing from fighting bro to hold your preferred gears in your gearbox shell. Usable in any gearbox shell of your liking.Comes in 3 different sizes.Available in :- 8mm- 7mm- 6mm..
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: SHS
Bushing is one solid metal piece which is more recommended for high speed build as bearings will heat up and wear faster.Available size :- 7mm- 8mm..
Brand: Element
The Element Shim set allows your gears to have proper contact with each other...
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