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Piston Rods

Upgraded pistons rod with solid metal teeth rack with is the main ingredient preventing the premature wear on the gears with high spring load configuration. A complementary upgrade alongside with piston head upgrades and a must if you upgraded the gear set into metal gear.

Element nylon piston rod come with 14 steel teeth, compatible with JingMing J8/J9...
Brand: Kublai
Need a replacement piston for your Kublai gearbox with blowback?This unit can help with your need. This unit as stated in the name comes with a pre-built piston head along with the piston rod.NOTE!!: This piston rod unit does NOT come with an o-ring around the piston head.Gearbox Compatibility:..
Blowback piston rod for LH EBB gel blastersCompatible with LH SLR AK, Sig 552,and MCXComes with Metal teeth...
Brand: Titan
Piston with metal teeth designed for JM11/12 to work with the blowback charging handle..
Brand: Expandgear
A piston rod made out of tough polycarbonate with steel metal teeth for increased durability...
Brand: SHS
LDT HK416 blowback enabled piston rod with metal teeth..
Brand: Titan
A lightweight nylon piston rod made lighter for better gearbox performance..
Brand: Kublai
Kublai nylon piston rod for your preferred Kublai gearbox.All of the piston rod teeth are nylonIt comes with the piston head built into the piston rod.NOTE: This piston rod is usable ONLY in Kublai Gearboxes..
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