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The gearbox is the heart of the Gel Blaster. Works with the help of battery, motor, simple gear system to generate energy to propel the gels.

Brand: Expandgear
Expandgear's new metal cylinder head and piston head for your preferred AEG gel blastersThis new metal cylinder head can be used in most V2 gearbox units. (NOTE!!: This CANNOT be used in Gen 8 or Gen 9 Gearbox units) This cylinder head unit is a silent cylinder head making it quieter whenever y..
A nylon rubber nozzle for LDT/FB gearbox units..
Need to have a bushing/bearing that can last longer? Tired of having your bushing getting spoiled too quick?Ares has their own stainless steel version of the bushings. As their brand name suggests, these bushings are built to last giving your gears the smoothest movements, allowing your gearbox to h..
Ares Long Shaft 480 Motor. The premier brand of motors for your preferred AEG Gel blaster units has arrived.As the brand suggests, the Ares 480 Motor gives out the best performance with an increased rate of fire for your gel blaster unit...
Brand: LDT
Want to change your LDT MP5 trigger from a nylon material to a metal material? Need something to change when transferring your existing LDT gearbox from a LDT HK 416 gel blaster unit to an LDT MP5?LDT has a Metal trigger unit for you.It is the standard design of the LDT MP5 trigger.NOTE!!: This..
Brand: LDT
Need a V3 trigger replacement? Want to have a metal trigger for your V3 gearbox?LDT has your back with their own version of the V3 metal trigger. Able to withstand stronger hits to it.Colour: Black ONLY...
BigRRR comes with their own gearbox shim set.This set has shim thickness of 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mmThis shim set package has a total of 30 shims, where each shim thickness has 10 unit.This shim set gives you the chance to be more precise with the contacts among your gear units..
Brand: LDT
Tired of having your own gears wobbling about inside the gearbox? Want to ensure that your gears have good contact with each other?LDT has their own shim set to help you. This shim set unit has 0.1mm, 0.2 mm and 0.5mm shimsThis shim set has 60 shims in one package. Each shim thickness has 20 units e..
Broken your blowback unit in your GSL SR-16 gearbox?No worries, the replacement unit is here.NOTE!!: This blowback kit is meant ONLY for the GSL SR-16 Gearbox. NO other gearbox unit can be used with it.Dummy Bolt Colour: Black ONLY..
Generic Carbon Steel Pinion Gear
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A generic carbon steel pinion gear.Built in sturdy steel material for a better durability...
Brand: SHS
A short shaft motor with a 480 rating from SHS.Provides a small boost to the rate of fire for your preferred gel blasterNOTE!!: Not usable on M4/416 gel blaster models..
LDT 3.0 MP5 Gearbox LDT 3.0 MP5 Gearbox
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Brand: LDT
LDT New 3.0 Gearbox Specifically for the LDT MP5 Gel blaster unit.Having the same features as the standard LDT 3.0 gearboxIt has a different contact terminal compared to the usual LDT 3.0 gearboxes and a longer trigger for it to fit with a LDT MP5 gel blaster lower receiver of your choice.Has a Mini..
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