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T-Hop is a three-ways component that allows gel to be fed from the magazine, chambered into the inner barrel, and air from the cylinder to propel the gel.

LDT Metal T-hop LDT Metal T-hop
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Brand: LDT
LDT has released their own version of the Metal T-hop.Cleanly built and complete. This t-hop unit will give very little hassle to you. This T-hop unit has 2 springs to help give a better seal with the T-hop and gearbox unit.It also comes with a small o-ring to go along with the t-hop.Colour:&nb..
Sijun T-Hop
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LDT T-Hop for HB SR-25
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Brand: LDT
To use LDT 3.0 gearbox with the HB SR-25 receiver..
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Brand: Le Hui
Don't have to worry about your T-Hop breaking again when slamming in the mag...
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