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JM Gen.8 M4A1

Comes in :- Black- Sand- RedCompatible with most M4 type receiver(except Well M4)..
Brand: Titan
Titan metal nozzle for :- JM8/JM9/P90- Jing Ji SLR- LDT*Color are as displayed in picture*..
Brand: DK
With this you can use MK18 handguard on your JM8 blaster. High quality 3D printed adapter...
This adapter enables you to mount M016 metal handguard to your Gen 8 M4A1 receiver shell...
Nylon gear replacement for V2 or Gen.8 gearbox..
Preload Kit - JM Gen.8 M4A1
2-3 Days
Preload kit designed for blaster JM Gen.8 M4A1. Preload gels from mag reservoir to prevent dry firing...
Full wiring set for JM Gen.8 Gearbox. With switch, mag polarity connectors and motor connectors...
USD7.50 USD6.25
Tappet Plate replacement unit for JM Gen 8/9 gearbox...
JM Gen 8 M4A1 Nylon Shell JM Gen 8 M4A1 Nylon Shell
-20 % Out Of Stock
Receiver shell upgrade for JM Gen.8 M4A1. Made from nylon so it is tougher and can take more abuse than the normal stock JM Gen.8 M4A1 shell.Set comes with :-Receiver shell and dust cover-Pistol Grip-Charging Handle + return spring-Top Rail-Set of screwsComes in Black and Sand(Tan) color.*There migh..
USD25.00 USD20.00
The stock PMAG for your JM Gen 8 M4A1 blaster. Fits and work on almost all M4A1 type blaster.*Does not work on WELL M4A1(Gen1 and 2) as well as STD Gen 6 M4A1 blaster..
Brand: DK
DK has released another variant of their legendary Gen 8 hop up, with a larger diameter in order to fit tightly inside Worker muzzles and fit on the outside of 19mm OD outer barrels. Glow in the dark variant...
USD12.50 USD7.50
Complete set of stock wiring to replace any worn out wit wiring on your Gen 8 gearbox. Recommended to be used with the JM Gen 8 Gearbox Nylon Gearbox by SKD sold separately on this website...
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