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The cylinder is where the air gets compressed and forced out by the piston head, propelling the gel. The cylinder also dictates the air volume capacity and is a important factor to consider about when you build a gel blaster. Excessive air volume on a short inner barrel length setup can cause low FPS because there simply is not enough back pressure generated enough to shoot out the gel at full potential before the gel leaves the inner barrel. This is what usually referred to be the air cylinder to inner barrel air ratio.

100% Non ported : 35-40CM+

80% Ported : 27~35CM

70% Ported : 25~30CM

50% Ported : 13~20CM

Please note that these are approximate figures.

Brand: Fighting Bro
Fighting bro's own cylinder upgrade/replacements for your preferred gearbox. Has a burnt titanium look.Comes in :- 75% Ported- 80% Ported- Non-Ported..
USD7.88 USD1.97
Brand: LDT
Cylinder by LDTComes in :- Full cylinder- 85% ported- 75% ported..
Brand: Titan
Titan Cylinder with a burnt titanium color finish.Available in :- 70% Ported- 80% Ported..
Brand: CY
Fits any gearbox.Want to see the action happening in your gearbox? Try the Acrylic cylinder so that you can see what exactly happens or happened to your gearbox!..
Introducing the high grade MST Cylinder. Aluminium in burnt titanium color.Options :- Non Ported- 80% Ported- 70% Ported- 60% Ported..
Available in :- 80% Ported- 75% Ported- 60% Ported- 50% Ported..
Normal aluminium cylinder. Drop in replacement for most gearboxes...
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