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The most crucial set of items to build your very first gel ball AEB. Build and customize your unit with a wide range of shells, handguards and buttstocks to meet your tacticool requirements.
Kit out your blaster with a wide range of accessories as well.

Take note to be very careful when modifying your blaster as some parts may not fit with one another.

The PMC QRS Precision trigger guard and magwell piece. This part is a one piece unit.This trigger guard a full tough nylon build. Usable on receivers that have removable trigger guards, i.e. LDT HK416D 3.0 receiver shell.This trigger guard also has a QRS logo etched on the magwell piece section.Colo..
Unable to hold your AEG grips properly?MGPCQB has a sleeve for your preferred AEG blaster Pistol grips.These grip sleeves are made out of rubber and have an approx. thickness of 2mm, making it usable on most AEG pistol/motor grips. The sleeve also has a python design.Colour: Black and Sand ONLY..
Brand: Kublai
The SI Strike Metal Handguard replica from Kublai.Having a SI design etched all around the handguard to fit your needs to have a full SI design on your gel blaster. This unit has a metal barrel nut.The favourite Kublai Handguard now comes in the 7 inch version, suitable for those who wish to make th..
Want to complete your SI aesthetic on your M4/AR15/HK416 gel blaster?We've got the receiver locking pins that can fit your SI needs. The SI logo is etched onto the pin heads. The pin sets consist of the Rear locking pin with the front upper and lower receiver locking pins.This locking pin set d..
The Amoeba version of the MOE grip for your preferred M4/AR15 gel blaster.This grip has the MOE+ logo etched on the pistol grip itself.This grip has 4 screws to secure them to the gearbox, 2 screws to close the grip base and a motor height adjuster.Colour: Black ONLY..
Brand: Jing Ji
Jing Ji now have the favourite picatinny rail set available for Keymod handguards.1 set comes with 4 rails of different length.Each unit also comes with a pack of rail holders for your Keymod handguards.Colour: Black ONLY..
A R.R. Metal charging handle replica.Has the R.R design etched all around the charging handle.This charging handle unit does not have the dust cover flap opener along with this unit.Colour: Black ONLY..
Brand: LDT
Need to find a replacement of your LDT MP5 gel blaster unit?LDT has made a metal version of the MP5 mag catch.This unit comes with a spring to assist in the mag release and a grub screw to hold everything together...
The M4 ambidextrous mag release Built in metal construction. Uses the Hex head screws (Be careful not to overtighten the screws to prevent screw stripping)Comes in 2 designs: Standard and SkullColour: Black ONLY...
Need a replacement mag release for your M4/AR-15/416 gel blaster unit?The M4 Nylon Mag Release is the choice for those who don't want to burn a hole in their wallet.Lightweight and still maintains the function of a standard M4 mag release unit.NOTE!!: Try not to tighten the screw too much as it..
Brand: LDT
Need a new charging handle for your LDT MP5 Gel blaster unit?LDT has made a metal charging handle for the MP5 Gel blaster. Be careful not to slap the charging handle too hard to avoid cracking your LDT MP5 gel blaster shell and bruising your hand.NOTE!!: This charging handle unit is a separate ..
Brand: LDT
Need to change your current MP5 nylon fire selector to a Metal version? Need to convert your LDT 3.0 gearbox for the 416 gel blaster to the LDT MP5 gel blaster? This MP5 fire selector unit from LDT is your choice.This fire selector unit is already an ambidextrous fire selector. This particular unit ..
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