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Optics & Sights

Check out the wide range of sights and optics available in our selection to complete or compliment your Gel blaster!

Turn your gel blaster into both Tacticool and Practicool gel blasting machine!

Take note that they are also usable on your Nerf/Worker blaster that are using picatinny rails.

Strike Industries, Sidewinder, Metal Iron SightA foldable flip up side iron sight for your blaster. Able for quick reflex switches from one view to another for precise accuracy. Engrave with Strike Industries logo on the metal iron sight. Easy to install and flexible on different kind combination wi..
KAC, Iron Sight, NylonThe brand new KAC 600 iron sight is a nylon flip-up iron sight. It is quite customizable as it has adjustable windage and elevation for you to adjust your view angle making it a versatile sights.Available colour: Black..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle, Precision, Shockproof and WaterproofBrand new series from T-Eagle, the EOS. Introducing the EOS 1.2-6 x 24 IR Telescope. Excellent for precisise aiming and multi terrain environment game.Combination of precision and versitile, this scope able to provide multi level of functionality to enhan..
T-Eagle Scope Mount with Top Rails T-Eagle Scope Mount with Top Rails
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Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle, Scope Mount, Compatible to different tube diameter.Brand new scope mount made by T-Eagle. Come a short 3 rails picatinny rails on top of each ring mount. Able to mount various scope with 25mm or 30mm tube diameter. This mount is able to mount on 20mm picatinny rails. Includes: Scope Mo..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle, LIghtweight and Compact.A brand new scope variation from the T-Eagle March Series, introducing the T-Eagle March HT 3x30 IR With it versetile and user friendly design you will able get a better experience on your games or target practice session. Main Features:- Lightweight and Compact..
Micro Red Dot Sight Riser, Different Height Options, T1/T2 compatible.Elevate your mirco red dot sight view with the C1 micro red dot sight riser, offering 2 different height selection for your own personal preferance. Come with the selection of 1.54 inch and 1.93 inch, compatible with T1 or T2 micr..
2 in 1, Micro Red Dot Riser, Side RMR MountThis is the riser mount you are looking for if you are finding a 2 in 1 riser mount for your red dot sight and RMR sight.C1 Red dot riser mount able elevate your red dot sight view for providing you a better view and option for you to switch to a RMR sight ..
Red Dot Riser, KAC, High durability.A high riser for Red dot sight like T1 or T2, engrave with KAC logo. Riser with a height of 2.33 inch able to provide you a better view with your red dot sight. Beside that, it has an extended picatinny rail for you put on extra accessories.MeasurementFull lenght:..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Flip Magnifier Mount, High Compatibility, Easy To Use.Introducing a brand new Unity Magnifier Mount manufactured by Holy Warrior. This magnifier mount able to use with differnt model of magnifier that are in the current market such as G33, G43. High durability, made with CNC aluminium. Has a adjusta..
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Brand: Holy Warrior
Flip Up Red Dot, Versetile, Lightweight Brand new red dot sight with new extra touch up by Holy Warrior, the VISM Pro reflex red dot sight. This VISM Pro reflex red dot sight come with a unique flip up mechanism which act like a switch for your red dot sight and come with multiple unique featur..
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Brand: Holy Warrior
Motion Sense, Heavy Recoil Resistance, High DurabilityIntroducing a brand new red dot optic manufactured by Holy Warrior, the Heavy Recoil Optic (HRO). Come with multiple features to allow you engange your game field with extra performance and style point. Main Features of the HRO:- Dual Motion..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Lightweight, Compact and Long lasting.Brand new Mini Reflex Red dot sight manufactured by Holy Warrior. Compact size allow you to mount on your sidearm or act as a back up sight for your main hand arsenal. Main Features of this red dot sight:- Lightweight and flexible, suitable for your CQB set..
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