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Optics & Sights

Check out the wide range of sights and optics available in our selection to complete or compliment your Gel blaster!

Turn your gel blaster into both Tacticool and Practicool gel blasting machine!

Take note that they are also usable on your Nerf/Worker blaster that are using picatinny rails.

Brand: T-Eagle
T-eagle has a new 4x ACOG unit in our store.This ACOG unit is a replica of the Trinity Force Titan V1 ACOG unit. This ACOG unit is unlike the usual ACOG units, where it does not have the chevron reticle with the fiber optic lining to light up the reticle. This unit has the standard Mil-spec reticle...
Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- High quality optical clarity- Multicoated optical system- 3-9x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter Compensation-IR Lens (New Batch)Material : Aluminum and GlassIncluded: Scope HoodSpecs according to manufacturerObjective Lens..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's new 4x variable scope has arrive in our shop.This scope has nearly the same Specifications as its fellow counterpart of the T-Eagle 4-16 x 44 AOEThe scope has a 25mm diameter tube size. Able to be used with any scope mount of your choice. This unit also has its own 25mm scope mount unit.Th..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's new 1.5x variable scope.This unit has similar design features as the T-Eagle March 1-5x20 IR scope unit. This scope also has the illuminated reticle similar with the 1-5x20 IR unit. Red light and green light illumination for your scope reticle in low light games.The scope has a 25mm s..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle now has their own RMR unit for your GBB gel blaster units.This unit has the ADE Raptor design and logo etched all over the body of the RMR.This unit uses one CR2032 button battery to light up the unit. The RMR unit have the reticle intensity adjustor on either side of the unit.Colour: B..
Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- High quality optical clarity- Multicoated optical system- 3-9x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter CompensationMaterial : Aluminum and GlassIncluded: Pop-up lens cover & 25mm scope mountSpecs according to manufacturerObje..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle has come with their own limited edition scope mount.Much like most scope mounts, the unit can hold a standard 30mm diameter tube scope unit.This unit unlike the rest have the top and side rails on the scope holder. This allows you to place your preferred red dot sight or RMR units on the mou..
The Bushnell 3-9x40 scope is a recognizable scope for many.This scope is has the same design as the 3-9x40EG scopes but comes with a few key differences. This scope doesn't come with the rails and the dial to illuminate the crosshair of the scope.The scope body diameter is approx. 25mm allowing the ..
Always fiddling about with the screws of your preferred RMR?We have the solution for you with the new QD RMR mount. This RMR mount as stated comes with a quick detach mechanism to quickly attach and remove your RMR from one AEG gel blaster to another.This unit also has a mount riser to allow an elev..
T-Eagle EO 1.2-6x 24 WA T-Eagle EO 1.2-6x 24 WA
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Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle has come up with a new 6x variable scope unit.This scope unit has the same features as the T-Eagle ER1.2-6x variable scope, however it does not have any illuminated reticle for low light games. This EO1.2 unit comes with the scope lens covers so that no dust will smudge the lens. It als..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Need to have more focus with your red dot sight unit?Holy Warrior has come up with the hood for the red dot sight unit.This hood is made out of full metal and is a friction fit onto the reflex red dot sight unit of their own.This hood unit can also be used with the reflex red dot sight of other bran..
QD Scope Mount QD Scope Mount
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Tired of playing around with the screw when installing your scope mount?The QD Scope Mount should be able to help with your conundrum. This QD Mount have 2 QD points in their Scope mount to allow better stability on your gel blaster unit.This scope mount unit can hold 30mm diameter tube scope u..
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