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Optics & Sights

Check out the wide range of sights and optics available in our selection to complete or compliment your Gel blaster!

Turn your gel blaster into both Tacticool and Practicool gel blasting machine!

Take note that they are also usable on your Nerf/Worker blaster that are using picatinny rails.

Keep your sights steady with each reload with your GBB gel blasters.This is placed on the left side of your RMR Reflex sight. It can fit onto Sotac M-11 SRO Red Dot, Sotac M-13 Nylon SRO, Sotac M-002 RMR Red Dot Sight, HW Nylon Fiber RMR, Glenpou Optics Lightning Star RMR, Trijicon SRO Red Dot ..
Brand: Kublai
SI Rex Riser Mount replica From Kublai.Usable on 22 mm picatinny rail. Able to use AP T1/T2 optics with the mount.Color: Black ONLY..
A MRS red dot sight replica from Sotac.The sight comes with a mount for your GBB gel blasters.Color: Black ONLY...
An AP T2 red dot sight replica from Sotac. Comes with a G design mount riser.Color: Black ONLY...
Sotac's new SRO red dot sight in sturdy nylon construction for lighter weight on your gel blasters.Comes with a Mount for your Kublai P1 GBB gel blasterColor: Black, Sand, Orange, and Transparent ONLY...
Sotac's new version of the SRO red dot sight for your gel blasters' aesthetic needsComes with a RMR mount for the GBB gel BlastersColor: Black and Sand ONLY...
A flip-up red dot sight replica from Sotac. suitable for those who want to have a low profile sight for their Gel blaster unit.Also usable on GBB gel blasters with the proper mounts.Color: Black ONLY...
Sotac's G Style scope mount that can enhances the scope and gel blaster's aesthetics. Allows the usage of 25-30mm scopes.Striking the G markings around the mount.Height: 1.93 InchColors: Black and Sand ONLY..
Holy Warrior's new First Focal Plane (FFP) Low Power Variable Optic Mk1-4 Accurate Hunter scope. Green/Red light illumination available for better reticle visibility at low light games.  Please be informed this scope do not come with any scope mount. The scope is compatible with any scope mount..
DD style micro mount with marking for the AP T1/T2 from Holy Warrior.Color: Black, Grey, and Sand ONLY...
The ACRO P-1 red dot sight replica from Glenpou. Comes with a raised mount to allow usage of your blaster's iron sight.Comes with a G mount as well for the usage on your preferred G. GBB gel blaster.Color: Black ONLY..
A Vortex Cantilever Scope mount replica from Glenpou. Stylish and built to last with a sturdy metal aluminum construction.Comes with 25mm adapter to mount a wide range of scopes.Height: 1.59 InchColor: Black ONLY...
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