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The gear system within a gearbox mainly consists of Sector gear, Spur gear and Bevel gear. These gears are responsible for transmitting the kinetic energy generated from the motor to the piston. The gear ratio typically used in most configuration are 18:1 and 16:1 as they are the perfect balance ratio for the gearbox to run efficiently in both speed and torque. Aftermarket gears offer many more gear ratio that will allow more customized performance of the gearbox that can increase the rate of fire and trigger responds with higher speed ratio gear such as the 13:1, but will require a much higher torque motor to run them properly.The gel blaster gear upgrade is mandatory and the ingredient for a long lasting reliable gearbox operation. Tuning and optimization of the gear with shims is a must to ensure the gears are meshing with each other properly.

Brand: Element
Element's Delayer chip for your gears.Gives a slight delay to your gear cycle causing the firing rate of your blaster sound slower.Material: Nylon ONLYColor: Black ONLYNOTE!!: This item only has ONE delayer chip...
Type : V2/V3 Metal GearsRatio : 18:1Suitable Springs : M110 - M210Material : Hardened SteelCompatibility : V2/V3 type gearbox that uses non-proprietary gearsComes with : Sector, spur and bevel gears..
Individual metal gear to replace your damaged or worn out gearAvailable :- Sector Gear (The gear that pulls the piston)- Bevel Gear (The gear in contact with motor pinon gear)- Spur Gear (The gear in between Sector and Bevel gears)..
Brand: Element
Delayer chip for V2/V3 type gears. Copper construction for better durability...
16:1 high speed metal gears set.Bevel gears has 6 anti reversal stopsDoes not come with pinon gear and anti reversal latch...
Nylon gears with a gear ratio of 16:1 to help with the increase in rate of fire for your gel blaster...
Brand: Element
This tool is specially made to extract pinon gears by applying even pressure so there won't be any damage or bending done to the motor shaft..
Titan Quick Gear Module 8mm
Out Of Stock
Don't know how to shim?. No time to tune your gears?. Now you can drop in a QGM and get it over with.8mm bearing size..
Brand: Titan
Don't know how to shim?. No time to tune your gears?. Now you can drop in a QGM and get it over with.7mm bearing size..
Brand: LDT
High quality CNC metal gears by LDTComes in :- 18:1 ratio- 16:1 ratio..
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