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JM Gen.9 M4A1

JM ABS Stanag Mag JM ABS Stanag Mag
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Comes in :- Black- Sand- RedCompatible with most M4 type receiver(except Well M4)..
Brand: Titan
Titan metal nozzle for :- JM8/JM9/P90- Jing Ji SLR- LDT*Color are as displayed in picture*..
Monkee Mods Metal Buffer Tube
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Brand: Monkee Mods
Metal buffer tube for M4A1 type blasters like JM Gen.9 M4A1 and Jing Ji SLR.Laser engraved with the Monkee Mods logo and wording...
Metal Backplate/Spacer for your Buffer Tube. Not compatible with JM Gen.8 M4A1.Comes in Black and Sand...
Metal buffer tube for M4A1 type blasters such as JM Gen.9 M4A1 and Jing Ji SLR.Does not fit the JM Gen.8 M4A1, XM316 and old gen shells.Has grooving at the end of the buffer tube for easier access to battery compartment or buttstock removal and attachment...
USD12.50 USD10.63
JM Gen 9 Stock Wiring Kit
Out Of Stock
Nylon Buffer Tube(JM Gen.9/LDT416/SLR)
Out Of Stock
Nylon buffer tubeWorks with :- JM Gen.9 M4A1- LDT 416- SLR..
JM Gen 9 Nylon Gearbox
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Drop in replacement JM Gen.9 Nylon Gearbox. Does not come with motor...
Nylon gear replacement for V2 or Gen.8 gearbox..
Standard nylon shell replacement for JM Gen.9 M4A1Comes with :- Delta Ring adapter- Mag Release- Front barrel holder..
USD20.00 USD17.00
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