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Tired of stuffing your pockets full with the extra magazines of your preferred Glock GBB gel blasters?This mag holder allows to hold your extra magazine. This unit only holds one mag at a time. This holder is made out of nylon, so be careful whenever you're trying to reach for your extra Glock magaz..
USD6.25 USD3.13
SI 80 metal mag catch replica from Titan.Metal build for better durability. Recommended lower frame: P80 SI Lower FrameNOTE!!: It does not come with a spring.Colour: Black, Gold and silver ONLY..
USD10.00 USD2.50
PE's replica of the SAI outer barrel.12 inches in length with a proper design of a SAI outer barrelHas a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of many 14mm CCW muzzles.Colour: Polished Aluminium..
USD23.63 USD5.91
PE's replica of the SAI outer barrel.8 inches in length with a proper design of a SAI outer barrelHas a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of many 14mm CCW muzzles.Colour: Polished Aluminium..
USD18.38 USD4.59
Titan ABS PMag Titan ABS PMag
-75 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Titan
Titan ABS PMagThe shape is still the sameColour: Black ONLY...
USD9.19 USD2.30
Brand: Kublai
P1 threaded metal outer barrel from Kublai. Allows the usage of barrel attachment for your P1 BarrelNOTE!!: This outer barrel is mainly for the Kublai P1 GBB gel blaster unit. Usage of this outer barrel on other GBB Glock gel blaster models may NOT fit at all.Colour: Black ONLY..
USD20.00 USD5.00
Precision Efficiency Metal outer barrel for your gel blasters.Comes with a DD design on the outer barrel has a 14mm CCW thread to accommodate the usage of 14mm CCW muzzles.Able to use your preferred gas block with the outer barrel. This outer barrel unit can be made shorter to fit your required need..
USD23.63 USD5.91
Metal magwell flare for the Kublai P3 GBB Gel Blaster unit. Having the TTI logo design on the base of the Magwell flare.NOTE!!: This magwell flare is ONLY for the Kublai P3 gel blaster model. Usage on other GBB Glock Gel Blaster models may NOT fit at all.Colour: Black ONLY..
USD30.00 USD7.50
KI style metal slide with MOS plate includes with iron sight and slide rear cover.MOS plate to allow RMR sight on this KI metal slide.Comes in grey color only...
USD60.00 USD30.00
Kublai P3 (G19) Magazine
-75 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Kublai
Metal P3 Magazine from Kublai. Suitable for you Kublai P3 GBB gel blaster.Usage on other G19 GBB gel blaster models may NOT fit at all.There is SOME Cosmetic defects, not a serious defect.Color: Black ONLY...
USD40.00 USD10.00
Brand: Kublai
Stock Nylon mag catch for the Kublai P1Compatibility: Kublai P1 ONLYColor: Black ONLY..
USD7.50 USD1.88
Brand: Kublai
A holster for your Kublai P1 GBB blaster unit.Any similar G17 GBB Gel Blaster can use this holsterThis holster can fit your GBB blaster unit striking with the light or laser attachment.Color: Black ONLY!..
USD15.00 USD7.50
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