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Various of design to choose from, pick the style or type for your personal preference.

Brand: LDT
Want to change your LDT MP5 trigger from a nylon material to a metal material? Need something to change when transferring your existing LDT gearbox from a LDT HK 416 gel blaster unit to an LDT MP5?LDT has a Metal trigger unit for you.It is the standard design of the LDT MP5 trigger.NOTE!!: This..
Brand: LDT
Need a V3 trigger replacement? Want to have a metal trigger for your V3 gearbox?LDT has your back with their own version of the V3 metal trigger. Able to withstand stronger hits to it.Colour: Black ONLY...
Metal V3 Trigger
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Metal trigger replacement for V3 type gearbox. Does not work with JM Gen 8..
Nylon trigger that works with most V3 type gearbox such as JM J11, J12..
Made of metal. Works with most V2 type gearbox.Bearing the design of SI on the trigger.Comes in :- Black- Metallic Red..
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