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Complete Gearbox

So your blaster is busted and not sure what to do? You are not sure how to build your own gearbox from the ground up? We have got that covered for you! Take a look at some of the complete gearboxes at our stores that you can conveniently drop in and replace the gearbox at a very reasonable price!

There are some blasters that you can easily repair by just simply dropping a brand new stock gel blaster gearbox in such as the JM8, BF P90 and MP7, LDT 416 etc

Sijun Advance Gearbox
Out Of Stock
Brand: Sijun
Sijun Advance Gearbox comes comes with metal gears upgrade and a change in a piston rod.Gives a higher output of air for higher FPS for the Sijun Blaster units.UPDATE (30/7/2021)!!: Gearbox unit now has the upgraded blowback piston rod with metal teeth.Doesn't include Motor...
Brand: BingFeng
Replacement gearbox for BF MP7 V3 with nylon gearbox shell..
Drop in replacement JM Gen.9 Nylon Gearbox. Does not come with motor...
Brand: Le Hui
Replacement gearbox for Lehui Vector V2Comes with motor and t-hop..
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