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Attachments & Accessories

Kit out your gel blaster with attachments, like foregrips to suit your gel blaster handling requirements and rails to place more accessories onto your blaster.
Add on accessories to your blaster like laser pointers, scopes and sight.

Take note that they are also usable on your Nerf/Worker blaster that are using picatinny rails.
MGPCQB has a flashlight holder for both M-LOK and Keymod Handguards.This holder unit is angled in an approx. angle of 45 degrees.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set holds down the holder onto your preferred M-LOK/Keymod handguard and one set holds your flashlight to the holder.This s..
Brand: Element
Want to use your favourite M-LOK handguard but don't have the proper flashlight holder for it?Element has the right flashlight holder for your M-LOK handguards.This flashlight holder is a replica of the rea steel Ari. D. Flashlight holder.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set helps to ..
The BD thumper steel Muzzle  replica for your gel blastersThis muzzle has a 14mm CCW thread that is usable on most 14mm CCW barrel units.Muzzle design of a 4 prong castle design.Colour: Burnt Titanium ONLY..
The Ari. D. M-LOK Short Flashlight holder.The replacement holder part for your preferred flashlight. This unit is built in sturdy metal construction, making it able to withstand hard hits to it.This holder has a pair of screws to place it on your preferred M-LOK handguard. Colour: Black ON..
Lost the other picatinny rail holder for your TD foregrip?This foregrip quick release unit is the best alternative for you.This unit comes with a replacement spring for the QD feature...
Need to keep your blasters but you don't want to have your blaster's picatinny rails dented?There is no worry for your picatinny rails as this item can help to reduce the damage when transporting your gel blaster.This comes in 4 picatinny rail pieces in one set.NOTE!!: The handguard is used for illu..
Want to have a muzzle but don't want to burn a hole in your wallet?This nylon muzzle unit is your choice. Lightweight that allows you to give fast reactions.The design of the muzzle has 4 prong that make it nearly similar to that of the Spirit Muzzle. The best budget muzzle for your preferred AEG Ge..
Need a new QD hook sling mount?We've got your back with the D.D. QD Hook sling mount. This unit has the D.D. design shown etched on the sling mount unit.This sling mount can be used on 20mm picatinny rails, making this unit readily usable on most AEG Gel blaster units.This unit also comes with their..
Brand: Element
The Element EX 453 LA-5C PEQ box.This is a Dummy PEQ Box with a working laser pointer ONLY. The laser light is a green laser.This unit is best used on 20mm picatinny rails. This PEQ box unit also comes with a pressure pad switch for fast action activation. This unit uses 2 CR123A batteries (Not..
Need a Metal muzzle but you don't want to have a small muzzle unit?This castle design muzzle can suit your needs. The muzzle length is at 60mm long.This muzzle unit also has a 14mm CCW threading. It is usable on most 14mm CCW thread barrels.This unit comes with their own 14mm Muzzle spacer.Colour: B..
The famous osprey suppressor is back in our shop.This unit is striking the Osprey Silencer Co. design etched on the body of the suppressor unit.This suppressor unit can be taken apart in pieces, making you able to adjust the fitting of the suppressor unit.This suppressor unit has a threading that al..
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