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Water Gel

Want to have better consistency in your gel ball? Having the itch to fire large amount of gel balls down range?We have your back with our in-house matte gel ball called the Titan Apex Gel.Placed in our own resealable packaging that allows the other non-soaked gel pellets to last longer. This allows ..
Matte gel balls from SD Gun (SG 86)Soaking time: APPROX. 2 hoursCHECK gel ball size after soaking it in water for 1&1/2 hours. From then on, CHECK gel ball size every 10 minutes until the gel ball can go through the inner barrel of your blaster (7mm ONLY for GBB gel blasters, 7.2mm for AR blaste..
The second generation of matte gels from AKA.Improved for more consistent size and hardness in the gel ball pellets for a more consistent performance...
Titan Matte Gel
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Brand: Titan
High quality super tough gels. Comes in 80g pack...
Brand: War Interest
The long wait is over. Introducing the hyped War Interest tracer gels!. Glow in the dark so you can see where the gels are flying.One pack contains : 3500 glow in the dark tracer gelsBest used with War Interest tracer mag(coming real soon)...
Brand: STD
One of the most consistent gel in the market. Only available in orange color.STD 7.4mm High Grade Gel. One pack contains 10k rounds.*Please note that the discounted rate of RM8 per pack only applies to a maximum of 5 packets of gel per order. Purchase of more than 5 packets in one order disquali..
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