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Motor Grips

Motor grip in variety of designs that houses the motor and usually adjustable that ensure the motor has the best fitment between the motor's pinion gear and gearbox's bevel gear.

The Amoeba version of the MOE grip for your preferred M4/AR15 gel blaster.This grip has the MOE+ logo etched on the pistol grip itself.This grip has 4 screws to secure them to the gearbox, 2 screws to close the grip base and a motor height adjuster.Colour: Black ONLY..
DD 480 Motor Grip DD 480 Motor Grip
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A 480 motor grip for your preferred gel blaster. A widened grip to fit the standard sized 480 motor of your choice.DD design is place throughout the motor grip.Colour: Black and Sand (UPDATE 14/1/2022) ONLY..
MFT design motor grip. Designed for 480 long shaft motor.Available in :- Black- Sand..
Replica of the CAA Tactical M4 gripAvailable in :- Black- Sand..
Grip for JM Gen 13. Does not work with other receivers..
Brand: Expandgear
Classic M4 design grip from Expandgear.Comes in :- Black- Sand..
Brand: Xpower
High quality MP MOE grip replicaComes in :- Black- Sand..
The Amoeba HG09 Grip for your preferred M4/AR15/HK416 gel blaster unitsThis M4 Pistol grip can hold a 480 motor unit inside the grip.Colour: Black and Sand ONLY..
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