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Misc. parts & Accessories

Variety of parts and accessories that you can furnish and personalize your blaster with.

Government ambidextrous charging handle replica from BJ Tactical.Striking the G-style design and title along the body of the charging handle. As the name suggests it also has an ambidextrous feature on the charging handle.Colour: Black ONLY..
Airborne ambidextrous charging handle replica from BJ Tactical.Made in sturdy metal construction. As said in the name, having an ambidextrous function on the charging handle.Colour: Black and Olive Drab ONLY...
Brand: Le Hui
Tired of seeing the bumps on the button of your SLR AK top cover?Change that button into a smoother button. It allows for faster usage of the SLR AK top cover.Kindly be mindful when modding your gearbox, this smooth button does not come with a spring.Colour: Black ONLY...
Allow your SLR AK gel blaster to mount your preferred M4/416 buttstock.Does not come with the spring for its foldable feature. Kindly be mindful of the spring when changing the buttstock block.Hole is threaded for the ease of V2 style buffer tube installation. Comes with 3 65mm screws, NO buffer tub..
An ambidextrous metal mag release. With this mag release mechanism you can release the magazine from the magwell on both sides.Color: Black, Red, Blue..
Brand: LDT
Allow yourself to have a quicker reload action with your LDT MP5 Gel blaster unit.Larger flap surface area for easier reach for the mag releaseCompatibility: LDT MP5 gel blaster ONLYColor: Black ONLY..
A Metal Mag coupler ONLY usable with the LDT MP5 magazine, NO other LDT gel blaster magazine is compatible with the mag coupler.Allow yourself to react quickly after a reload with your LDT MP5 gel blaster unit. Color: Black Only..
A metal replica of the forward assist boltA dummy forward assist bolt for your M4 and 416 blaster units.Color: Black ONLYBlaster Compatibility: M4 and 416 Blaster ONLY..
A Nylon Replica of the FAB Defense Magwell Flare for AR blaster Fits on AR blasters mag well area.Compatibility: M4/416 receivers (NOTE!!: The Magwell flare MAY require some sanding, for it is not a good fit on some of the receivers)Color: Black and Sand ONLY..
USD7.50 USD6.38
Brand: Kublai
Kublai Adaptive mag well for your M4/HK416 Gel blaster unitTo fit this adaptive mag well into your blasters, you have to remove the trigger guard in order for it to fit nicely.Receiver Compatibility: X-Power K1 receiver, Kublai K5 receivers*, and LDT HK416 receivers** ONLY!*For the K5, there is a sp..
Brand: Kublai
A Geissele super charging handle replica by KublaiMaterial : MetalColor : Comes in black only..
SI Metal Fire Selector
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A metal fire selector replica of Strike Industries.Comes in a pair. The second fire selector acts as a dummyTwo long ears on the fire selector for ease of change between firing modes, especially switching between semi and full auto firing.Color: Black ONLY..
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