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Muzzle with a 19mm spacing allows it to be attached to the barrel directly. May require an adapter to attach it.

SPV TTBOLLE FL metal muzzle replica from SD Gun Pro19mm Direct Attach onlyColor: Black only...
A metal muzzle replica of the M82A1 Barret.Color: Black only...
Type : Dummy Muzzle (not for real firearms)Material : AluminumCompatibility : Direct attach to M249Available in :- Black color onlyLength :- Long- Short..
Type : MuzzleMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : 23 x 23 x 68mm, 19mm(Front Opening)Weight : 24gAvailable in : Black only..
Dead Air Ghost design suppressor. Attach onto muzzle(included) or 19mm adapter(included)Type : Suppressor(Dummy)Material : AluminumCompatibility : 14mm ccw threads & 19mm direct attachDimension : - Suppressor : 32 x 32 x 140mm, 27mm (Inner), 15mm (Front Opening)- Muzzle : 20 ..
AK Wolverine PBS-1 Suppressor (Long)
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Type : Suppressor(Dummy)Material : AluminumComes With: 19mm direct attach muzzle or 14mm ccw muzzle(suppressor goes on muzzle)Dimension : - Long : 165 x 35 x 35mm, 15mm front openingWeight :- Long : 90gAvailable in : Black only..
Liberty design suppressor designed for AK. Comes with 14mm muzzle and 19mm screw on adapter.Type : Suppressor(Dummy)Material : AluminumCompatibility : 14mm ccw threadsDimension : - Suppressor : 37 x 37 x 150mm, 34mm(Inner), 13mm(Front Opening)- Muzzle : 21 x 21 x 49mm, 13mm(Front..
Dummy QDC suppressor and muzzle set replicaMuzzle size is 19mm direct friction attach. Has screw holes on the muzzle for the grub screws to secure it on the barrel properly.Comes with a 14mm CCW Muzzle. Dummy suppressor can be screwed into the muzzle.Measurements: Long approx. 27.5 cm, Short approx...
Brand: LDT
Type : Muzzle + DiffuserMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : - Muzzle : 22 x 22 x 60mm, 15mm(Front Opening)- Diffuser : 39 x 39 x 54mmWeight : 30g(Muzzle), 41g(Diffuser)Available in : Black and Burnt Titanium finish..
Hells Angel Metal Muzzle (19mm)
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Type : MuzzleMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : 29 x 29 x 74mm, 20mm(Front Opening)Weight : 43gAvailable in : Black only..
Having trouble fitting your 19mm muzzles on your 14mm CCW outer barrels?This might be the metal adapter piece to lock it down!Converts your 14mm CCW threads to 19mm dimensions...
Type : MuzzleMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : 33 x 33 x 80mm, 25mm(Front Opening)Weight : 69gAvailable in : Black only..
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