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Lights and Laser Pointers

Accessorize you blaster with the replica or dummy of laser pointers and flashlights.

Sotac's own Unity pressure pad and mount for your flashlight.This unit has an angled flashlight mount so it that doesn't clash with your optic or sights.It comes with their own SF connector head for the SF flashlight head connectors. Can mount with Sotac Flashlight Unit.This pressure pad is only usa..
Sotac's own X300U Flashlight has arrived in our stores.A small and lightweight flashlight attachment your gel blasters.Suitable for GBB Blasters and Picatinny rails of the AR Blasters.Comes with different spring mounts for the flashlight mountBattery: CR123A Batteries ONLY (NOTE!!: There is a design..
You have seen the M300C unit from Sotac, now meet the longer version of the flashlight, the Sotac SD-021 M600CThis unit has the same design as the M300C unit but it is approximately twice the length.Just like the M300C, it has a pressure pad unit that allows for fast reaction usage of the flashlight..
The Sotac SD-015 M300C flashlight is one of the new flashlights that arrived in our store.This flashlight has a short short design look that allows it to be used on smaller/carbine sized gel blaster units.It uses only 1 CR123A battery (Not included with flashlight). This flashlight is still bright e..
MGPCQB M-LOK & Keymod Angled Flashlight holder MGPCQB M-LOK & Keymod Angled Flashlight holder
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MGPCQB has a flashlight holder for both M-LOK and Keymod Handguards.This holder unit is angled in an approx. angle of 45 degrees.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set holds down the holder onto your preferred M-LOK/Keymod handguard and one set holds your flashlight to the holder.This s..
Brand: Element
Want to use your favourite M-LOK handguard but don't have the proper flashlight holder for it?Element has the right flashlight holder for your M-LOK handguards.This flashlight holder is a replica of the rea steel Ari. D. Flashlight holder.This set comes with 2 sets of screws, where one set helps to ..
Brand: Element
The Element EX 453 LA-5C PEQ box.This is a Dummy PEQ Box with a working laser pointer ONLY. The laser light is a green laser.This unit is best used on 20mm picatinny rails. This PEQ box unit also comes with a pressure pad switch for fast action activation. This unit uses 2 CR123A batteries (Not..
Sotac's own replica of the Modlite SF using the Unity pressure pad.This unit has a pressure button that can be easily used with your thumb.This particular pressure pad unit can only be used on with M-LOK handguards.With its small size and ergonomic design, this pressure pad allows you to activate th..
Sotac's own replica of the Modlite pressure pad with the 3.5mm connector.This unit can be used with PEQ box replicas like the Element PEQ-15 EX 357 unit.Small and ergonomic just like the SF connector counterpart. Making you able to activate the PEQ box in the heat of the moment.Colour: Black and San..
Sotac's version of the Modlite pressure pad for the SF connector ports. Can ONLY be used with flashlight unit that uses SF Connectors, like the EX-191 flashlight.Small and ergonomic, making this pressure pad unit able to used when you're in the heat of the action.This unit can be used in 20mm picati..
Introducing the SOTAC replica of the BE Meyers MAWL C1+. The MAWL was designed as an improvement over conventional IR devices such as the PEQ and DBAL with improved ergonomics while minimizing the amount of rail space typical used by such devices. It has a working standard flashlight and laser point..
Element Tactical Light combo M600 + PEQ 15 (red laser) Element Tactical Light combo M600 + PEQ 15 (red laser)
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Brand: Element
Element Tactical Light ComboThis unit consist of the M600 Flashlight unit and PEQ-15 box unit. All flashlight and PEQBOX unit are usable on 20mm Picatinny rails.Laser Colour: RedUnit Colour: Black and Sand ONLYNOTE!!: Handguard in the picture is not included. Handguard is used for ill..
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