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Build the slide of your own desire.

Need to have a Shorter inner barrel for your MST 2011 GBB Gel blaster?We have the new inner barrel at 112mm in length.This inner barrel unit has the MST 2011 design etched on it along with the length of the barrel...
P1 Aluminium Inner Barrel P1 Aluminium Inner Barrel
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The P1 Aluminium inner barrel.P1 standard inner barrel length of 100mm.Comes with a brass hollow cap that holds the gel ball snugly inside your inner barrel...
Brand: Kublai
P1 threaded metal outer barrel from Kublai. Allows the usage of barrel attachment for your P1 BarrelNOTE!!: This outer barrel is mainly for the Kublai P1 GBB gel blaster unit. Usage of this outer barrel on other GBB Glock gel blaster models may NOT fit at all.Colour: Black ONLY..
Blowback Housing for the ARK 17 GBB BlasterFull metal construction for a long lasting action.Comes with two springs, blowback housing cover and a Blue piston Head ONLY..
Lucifer G34 metal slide with a Taran Tactical Innovations marking on the slides.Modular optic system slide for your GBB Blaster units to mount compatible optics. Lower Frame Compatibility: Kublai P5 Lower frames ONLYColor: Black ONLY..
Brand: BingFeng
A Metal CNC replica of the blowback housing for the MST 2011Lightweight for quick reactionsCompatibility: MST 2011 GBB Blasters ONLY!..
Rubber bucking and Gas route replacement for the Well M1 GBB blasterCompatibility: Well M1 GBB Blaster ONLY...
A Mini Silencer with the Flaming Pig designThis mini silencer has a 11mm male threadingCompatibility: ARK-17 & MST2011 GBB Blasters ONLYColor: Black ONLY..
Brand: Kublai
Outer Barrel For Kublai G17 (P1) gel blasterMaterial : Metal Available in gold color only..
Brand: Kublai
Outer Barrel For Kublai G17 (P1) gel blaster13 mm male threaded front barrel for front barrel accessories.Comes with a threaded barrel protector.Material : Metal Color: Gold ONLY..
Brand: Kublai
Loading nozzle for the Kublai P4It comes with the rocket for the loading nozzle...
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