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Complete Gearbox

Brand: LDT
The most premium gearbox in the gel blaster market at the moment. At last, the LDT LDX gearbox is available at Monkee Mods.Top bottom split design, metal top and bottom gearbox shell, metal gears, piston with metal teeth and a mosfet for firing control...
Brand: XYL
Stock XYL gearbox + mosfet and wiring unit.Pre-installed with :- Metal Gears- Piston with metal teeth- 8mm Bushings..
Brand: Kublai
Updated Kublai gearboxFeatures :- Nylon Gears- 8mm bearings x2 and 8mm bushings x4- Ready for Kublai EBB system- Metal Spring Stopper- Pre installed T-Hop(v2)..
New and improved RX AK47 gearbox. Now comes with nylon gearbox shell and metal gears pre-installed..
Brand: Fighting Bro
The popular top bottom split gearbox is back in a new 4.0 version. Same great performance but now with a stronger shell...
Azrael Gearbox
Out Of Stock
V2 Type gearbox. 8mm bearing size. Nylon Gears. Nylon gearbox shell.Wiring included. No motor included.Comes with :- Standard T-Hop- Top Bottom Split T-Hop and Holder..
Brand: Le Hui
Drop in replacement stock LeHui AUG gearbox.Comes with motor. Does not come with controller circuit board...
LDT 3.0 Gearbox with Metal Gears LDT 3.0 Gearbox with Metal Gears
Out Of Stock
Brand: LDT
The all new V3.0 LDT gearbox with metal gears. Improved shell rigidity and now comes with quick swap spring feature...
JM Gen 11/12  Nylon Gearbox
Out Of Stock
Gearbox replacement for JM Gen 11 and Gen 12..
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