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Worker is a company that sells third-party modification kits and accessories for various modern Nerf blasters. Worker also produces some standalone blasters 

Worker has made their own AAC M4 Metal muzzle for your Nerf-modified/Worker Blasters.This muzzle unit is a direct attach muzzle type and it comes with a threading on the muzzle to allow certain Screw-on worker silencers.Colour: Black ONLY..
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: Worker
Shadow metal muzzle replica for your Nerf Blasters from WorkerColors: Orange..
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: Worker
Allows you to use Worker M16 stock on Retaliator. Usually comes with Worker/F10555 Buffer Tube...
Brand: Worker
Worker Hexmag is slightly longer than their PMAG hence allows it to carry up to 16 rounds in a single mag...
USD10.50 USD5.25
Rubber coated, ABS silencer which usually used with MP5-SD kit.Tips are interchangeable.This will require a Worker muzzle with screw...
USD13.13 USD6.56
Worker Sling Hook
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Can be attached on Worker Picatinny Rail..
Brand: Worker
Convert all your nerf rail on your Rapidstrike to picantinny rail instead! Allows you to attach 20mm rail attachment...
Brand: Worker
Looking for a low cost silencer without the need of a muzzle with screw? This silencer made of aluminium, can be attached to all standard nerf inner barrel or worker inner barrel(19mm outer diameter).This silencer DOES NOT require any muzzle/flash hider with screw...
Brand: Worker
An upgrade spring from Worker for the NERF Triad blaster!..
USD2.10 USD1.05
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