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Rifling Swin

Brand: Rifling Swin
Combination expertise from Rifling Swin and Monkee Mods, a firefly with premium upgrades had born and ready to be shipped.The "Rifling Swin X MM Firefly" is a cutting-edge product that combines the expertise of Rifling Swin and Monkee Mods to deliver premium upgrades for the Firefly blaster. This co..
Rifling Swin Worker Swift Upgrade Kit
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Upgrade your Worker Swift with the new Rifling Swin upgrade kit. Boosting your Swift FPS to another level. With this upgrade kit the Swift able to reach (tested with different darts):Worker Stefan Gen 3 - 220-235 FPSWorker Gen 2 HE - 240-250 FPSWorker Gen 2 Bamboo - 235-250 FPSDragon Jr - 250-2..
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