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Optic Accessories

Variety of scope mounts and optic risers with different style and height to choose from to suit your needs and requirement of using an optic.

Protect your optic lens from cracks of unforeseen accidents, ensuring the durability of your optic.

Brand: T-Eagle
The T-Eagle Short scope mount has arrived in our shop!This specific scope mount unit is designed to go with the short-sized scopes such as the T-Eagle SR 2.5x28 RG or the T-Eagle MARCH SR3x28 scope.This scope mount can ONLY hold scopes with 30mm diameter tubes.NOTE!: Scope is sold
T-Eagle Scope Mount with Top & Side Rails T-Eagle Scope Mount with Top & Side Rails
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Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle has come with their own limited edition scope mount.Much like most scope mounts, the unit can hold a standard 30mm diameter tube scope unit.This unit unlike the rest have the top and side rails on the scope holder. This allows you to place your preferred red dot sight or RMR units on the mou..
QD RMR Mount with Mount Riser QD RMR Mount with Mount Riser
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Always fiddling about with the screws of your preferred RMR?We have the solution for you with the new QD RMR mount. This RMR mount as stated comes with a quick detach mechanism to quickly attach and remove your RMR from one AEG gel blaster to another.This unit also has a mount riser to allow an elev..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Need to have more focus with your red dot sight unit?Holy Warrior has come up with the hood for the red dot sight unit.This hood is made out of full metal and is a friction fit onto the reflex red dot sight unit of their own.This hood unit can also be used with the reflex red dot sight of other bran..
QD Scope Mount QD Scope Mount
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Tired of playing around with the screw when installing your scope mount?The QD Scope Mount should be able to help with your conundrum. This QD Mount have 2 QD points in their Scope mount to allow better stability on your gel blaster unit.This scope mount unit can hold 30mm diameter tube scope u..
Sotac Elcan Specter RMR Mount Sotac Elcan Specter RMR Mount
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Using a Elcan Specter scopes but have no RMR mount to use the RMR along with it?Sotac has a replica of the RMR mount for the Elcan Specter.This allows your Elcan specter to have an RMR red dot sight of your choice. Colour: Black ONLY..
Sotac Unity FAST Optic Riser Sotac Unity FAST Optic Riser
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The Unity FAST Optic riser replica from Sotac.This Optic riser unit allows your holographic sight of your choice to be used alongside with the G33 3x magnifier scope with the Unity FAS magnifier Mount.This riser unit is usable on 20mm picatinny rails.This riser unit is best used alongside with Sotac..
Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount
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Have a sight that has an elevated mount? Want to use the magnifier scope but don't have the proper mount to use it?The Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount can meet your needs to have an elevated magnifier and sight unit set.This scope mount unit has a feature that makes it special compared to the other ma..
Sotac has their own version of the FAS Unity mount for the AP T1/T2 red dot sight unit.This unit has a good skeletal frame with a usable iron sight just below of the red dot sight holder plate. The iron sight windage can also be adjusted.This AP T1/T2 mount is usable on 20mm picatinny rails.This sig..
Need an RMR mount for your G-style scope mount you're using?Sotac has their own angled RMR mount for you. This unit allow the usage of RMR red dot sights on your G-style scope mount in conjunction with the zoom scope of your choice.This RMR mount comes with 2 screws that hold your preferred RMR sigh..
The LEAP scope mount replica from Glenpou. Scope mount presents a feature the wing opening on the scope holder. This allows the scope mount to have a more comfortable to store.Scope mount height of 1.54 Inches. Able to mount scopes with 30mm diameter tube.Uses star head screws. The scope mount ..
Sotac JQ-097 G Style 1.93 Scope Mount Sotac JQ-097 G Style 1.93 Scope Mount
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Sotac's G Style scope mount that can enhances the scope and gel blaster's aesthetics. Allows the usage of 30mm scopes ONLY with this amount.Striking the G markings around the mount.Height: 1.93 InchColors: Black and Sand ONLY..
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