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XYL KM-9 Unicorn Blaster

XYL KM-9 Unicorn Blaster
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  • Model: XYL KM-9 Unicorn Blaster
  • Weight: 2.70kg

The newest entry for those who wanna join into the foam flinging hobby. XYL brings you this ULTRA COMPACT design blaster that still pack a punch.

This Unicorn blaster main features are

-The quick up and down tear-down mechanism, able for easier spring swap and maintenance. Fast locking with 2 takedown pins

-Ultra compact size, great for your any CQB games

-High durability nylon shell and partial metal internals parts, that come with a non-ported plunger tube

-Able to customize the priming configuration of the blaster, you may go either with Top Prime or Pump Action Prime or BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

-Having Slam-fire capability.

-Come with a 1.6 Springs (Spring upgrade are available to purchase)

-Talon Compatible (Excluding Slanted Talon)

Best Value you can get from this compact blaster.

Only come in White.

**The following batch onward will not include an extra magazine as is an promotional item for first batch launch. 

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