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XYL KM-9 Unicorn Extended Barrel (25cm)

XYL KM-9 Unicorn Extended Barrel (25cm)
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  • Model: XYL KM-9 Unicorn Extended Barrel (25cm)
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An extended barrel manufactured by XYL. 

A 25cm long extended barrel, will groove space to prevent scratch mark while priming the blaster.

With this barrel, the blaster will able to increase it performance and able to attach any muzzle attachment you wish to put on.


Barrel Length: 250mm

Outer diameter: 16mm

Inner diameter: 13mm

This barrel will come with a dart gate.

FPS Reference with the 25cm Barrel**

1.6 Spring (Stock Spring) : 141-149FPS (Worker Gen 3) / 146-150FPS (Dragon Jr) / 146-150FPS (EPP)

1.7 Spring : 169-170FPS (Worker Gen 3) / 167-178FPS (Dragon Jr) / 181-205FPS (EPP)

1.8 Spring : 174-183FPS (Worker Gen 3) /  175-182FPS (Dragon Jr) / 210-225FPS (EPP)

**These data is meant for reference only and may not be 100% accurate. Result might be affected by various factors.

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