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Worker is a company that sells third-party modification kits and accessories for various modern Nerf blasters. Worker also produces some standalone blasters 

Brand: Worker
Rebarrel your rotofury to fire elit dart instead!Only fits the Rotofury and not other Mega blasters such as cycloneshock or hotshock...
USD15.75 USD7.88
Can be attached directly to nerf standard inner barrel(19mm)It's made of aluminium...
USD14.18 USD7.09
Brand: Worker
It's a PDW stock but sadly it's not retractable. The buttstock is injection molded but steel bars are used instead to ensure the stock is solid enough.Length: 245mmHeight : 113mm Width: 50mm..
Worker Retaliator Priming Bar Worker Retaliator Priming Bar
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Brand: Worker
A simple and cheap side prime bar that you attach to your Retaliator boltsled instead of using a pump grip.It's a metal CNC product...
Brand: Worker
Note: Due to it's heavy weight, it's recommended only if you have a higher RPM setup with a higher torque in order to achieve glass ceiling velocity...
USD18.90 USD9.45
Brand: Worker
1mm wider diameter than standard worker wheel..
USD10.50 USD5.25
Stock can be either in purple or silver color.Includes: - Worker Flywheel Cage - Worker Flywheel Cage Aluminium Barrel..
USD30.00 USD15.00
Worker has made their own AAC M4 Metal muzzle for your Nerf-modified/Worker Blasters.This muzzle unit is a direct attach muzzle type and it comes with a threading on the muzzle to allow certain Screw-on worker silencers.Colour: Black ONLY..
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: Worker
Shadow metal muzzle replica for your Nerf Blasters from WorkerColors: Orange..
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: Worker
Allows you to use Worker M16 stock on Retaliator. Usually comes with Worker/F10555 Buffer Tube...
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