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Worker is a company that sells third-party modification kits and accessories for various modern Nerf blasters. Worker also produces some standalone blasters 

Attach some nerf rival magazines to the side of your rival zeus with this 3D printed attachment. Should be used in conjunction with the F10555 rival zeus side rails.Can attach to normal Worker picatinny rail too. ..
Worker Adjustable Rail Riser Worker Adjustable Rail Riser
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Brand: Worker
Metal rail riser that can be used with certain scopes in order to raise your optic higher on the picatinny rail...
Brand: Worker
New product from worker that is functionally similar to the high crush ABS flywheel but with slanted serrations...
Brand: Worker
Quick Detach Hook that can be attached to butt stock with QD adapter...
Brand: Worker
Includes:- Worker Longshot Plunger Tube- Worker Longshot Plunger Rod- Plunger tube holder- Padding and screwsDoes not include:- Plunger Head- Bolt sled etc..
This is shell similar to Nerf Stryfe hence it's a flywheel blaster shell. Some aftermarket parts might not work due to interior of this shell so please make sure you check on the Internet before you make your purchase.Our review:If I were to compare it with Prophecy-R, this is just fat/bulky and not..
Brand: Worker
This version of longshot comes with a longer barrel with built in SCAR instead of the standard inner barrel.Comes with:- Worker Longshot Stefan pusher- Worker 27cm outer barrel- Worker Inner barrel with SCARChoice of front adapter(Sold separately)- Metal Worker Longshot Stefan Front Adapter- Plastic..
Brand: Worker
Designed for the new Worker honeybadger barrel but also works on other barrel.Update 28/7/2022Red color now available..
Brand: Worker
This is an injection molded kit.Includes:- Honeybadger barrel- 22cm Top RailDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Extra inner barrel (only the short ones you seen in the picture will be provided)- Blaster- Buttstock (Optional)- Side rail for the barrel (Optional)..
Brand: Worker
Worker Metal trigger for Nerf Stryfe.Now feel the weight of every trigger pull...
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