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F10555 Stryfe SCAR Kit

F10555 Stryfe SCAR Kit
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  • Model: F10555 Stryfe SCAR Kit
  • Weight: 1.20kg

Available Options

SCAR Main assembly

- Stryfe Modular front adaptor (includes Worker Stryfe top patch)

- SCAR front barrel

- 10cm side rail x2

- 15cm top rail mount x1

- 15cm bottom rail x1

- Foldable front sight

- Foldable rear sight

Side patch cover for Stryfe

FN SCAR foldable buttstock

Top rail for Stryfe 279mm

This kit DOES NOT contain: 

- Blaster

- Any kind of muzzle

- Magazine

- Foregrip attachment

Available in black and orange.

*New white color now available

Custom colors can be ordered and requires at least 2 weeks before it can be delivered.

14 May 2017: QD hook will no longer be included.

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