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ZWQ S100 War Saint Blaster ZWQ S100 War Saint Blaster
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Brand: ZWQ
A 300FPS powerhouse, thanks to it's huge plunger tube, the S100 War Saint is definitely a force to be reckon in the field.To learn more about the blaster, you can read our review at in full transparent, Transparent ..
A metal replica of the Mac-10 buttstock for the Woozi.Comes In: Black only...
HW AP T2 Micro
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Brand: Holy Warrior
An AP T2 Micro red dot sight by Holy Warrior..
Metal top rail for the Woozi unitsComes in: Black only..
Metal mag coupler for the Woozi magazines...
Brand: Worker
Worker Metal Internals for Nexus Pro.Colors: Red and Silver Only...
Brand: Worker
Worker Phoenix Feature: - Three staged flywheel blaster.- Speed controller to control the fire rate of the blaster. - Quick access screw for Battery access. - Uses XT-60 connector type batteries only.Comes in: Transparent only..
Jikey High Charge Battery 11.1V (XT-30) 550mAH
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Jikey High Charge Battery (11.1V,550mAH) with an XT-30 Connector type.Comes with it's own battery female connector.Fits perfectly in the Worker Nightingale.Battery measurements:L: 6cmW: 3.2cmH: 2cm..
FF68 Strike Master (CEDA Clone)Packed in parts, not fully assembledParts:- Nylon lower receiver- Nylon Pistol Grip- Single Nylon Magazine (Stefan Darts)- Metal Upper Receiver - Metal slide rail and slide holder- Buffer tube and buttstock- Metal trigger and mag catch- Metal Internals and 185mm i..
Type : Mag HolderFeature :- Holds 2x 5.56 size mags(stacked)- Mags secured by elastic loop- Goes on to molle compatible vest or beltMaterial : Nylon fabric and elastic cordComes in : - Black- Sand- OD..
Type : AccessoriesFeature :- Holds various accessories/itemsMaterial : Nylon fabric and elastic cordComes in : - Black- Sand- OD..
Type : Fidget SpinnerFeature :- No tactical value whatsoever- But its fun!Material : Aluminum..
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