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Brand: Worker
Type : Upgrade springFeatures :- Upgrade spring for Worker Cheetah Material : Chrome plated metal springCompatibility : Worker CheetahComes with : Spring only..
Brand: Worker
Type : Conversion kit for Worker CheetahFeatures :- Adds a 15cm long inner barrel to your Cheetah blaster - Enabling streamline darts or stefans compatibility- Tested at about 150fps with Nerf Elite Darts and 170fps with ACC Gen.3 soft tips stefans- Adapter enabling the mounting of 19..
Type : Single Shot BlasterFeatures :- Shoots Rival balls- Conversion kit can be installed to shoot stefan- About 100FPS with Rival ballsMaterial : Transparent plastic with chrome plated springCompatibility : Rival Balls (Stefan and Full Length darts after installing conversion kit)Com..
Brand: Worker
This kit is designed to be primed easilyIn the kit :- Prophecy Retaliator Stefan Breech- Inner Barrel- Easy Priming Long Spring- Metal Catch Plate- Inner Barrel AdapterRecommended to use with expanded plunger tube..
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Brand: Worker
The same popular Worker Prophecy Retaliator kit but bundled with a longer inner barrel.In the kit :- Prophecy Retaliator Stefan Breech- Inner Barrel- Inner Barrel Adapter- 28n Long Spring- Metal Catch Plate- O-Rings and Thumb ScrewsRecommended to use with expanded plunger tube..
Brand: Worker
The latest from Worker stefan kit for Longshot. This kit is designed to use 28n long spring instead of the standard longshot spring. By using 28n long spring, you get softer priming yet retaining the power you get from using a high load standard longshot spring. Less strength required to prime means..
Brand: Worker
Adjustable scar muzzle that goes on to worker inner barrel.Uses fishing line as rifling..
Brand: Worker
Preinstalled rubber paddingAvailable in :- Red- Silver- Rose Gold..
Brand: Worker
Full auto pusher + return spring for Worker Stryfe/Dominator full auto pusher..
Worker Stampede Metal Gears
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Metal gears set for Nerf Stampede full auto blaster..
Brand: Worker
Type C 45 degree angled foregrip.Transparent only...
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